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After discovering that his broker has been fleecing him for months, he secures a signed confession in order to get his broker to straighten his ways. Things get complicated when the wealthy man falls deeply in love with the daughter of the man who cheated him!



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 22, 1980
  • Repeat - January 7, 1981





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2 Responses to Episode 1129

Nobody has commented yet so I'll chime in. The premise that the brother was cheated out of $250,000 by his financial advisor started promising, especially since it is based on a one hundred year old story which means it would be about $2 million in today's funds, but the story fell flat. I couldn't feel any sympathy for any of the characters, (even when I admire Fred Gwynne, this is his weakest, unremarkable performance). Should have gotten a clue when the introduction said this was based on a Henry James story. "Oh, Oh!" I had thought, because the Henry James stories I had tried reading before I never finished because they were tedious reading and quickly lost interest in them.


I did not care for this episode. Not one likable or relatable character. The happy couple were destined to misery- she nagging him for lacking character and he brow beating her in a misguided attempt to prove he has character.


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