Veleka Gray (Actor)

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(1951 - ) Age 73

Veleka Gray appeared on Love of Life from 1977-1980.


She appeared in the following 6 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/08/1980 1046 The Last Days of Pompeii (2 of 5) - Thrown to the Lions In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, Julia takes advantage of the chaos and casts a love spell on Marcus with the help of a priest of Isis. Their plan backfires when instead of falling for her, he become destructive and delusional. He is later sentenced to be thrown to the lions when he is falsely accused of murder.
01/14/1980 1050 The Better Half Despite having murdered her in a fit of envious rage, a young ad agency executive continues to receive advice from his brilliant and deceased wife.
08/04/1980 1106 This Deadly Fraternity A series of mysterious deaths occur on the Hell week anniversary of a college fraternity. Despite orders from his boss to attend the reunion, a young executive is reluctant to attend as his past activities as a frat member continue to torment him years later.
10/22/1980 1129 Confession After discovering that his broker has been fleecing him for months, he secures a signed confession in order to get his broker to straighten his ways. Things get complicated when the wealthy man falls deeply in love with the daughter of the man who cheated him!
03/09/1981 1169 Murder on the Space Shuttle In this outer space murder mystery, the legendary Sherlock Holmes meets the equally famous Buck Rogers.
12/23/1981 1270 The Head of a Pin A silicon chip engineer discovers the design flaw that caused a commuter plane to explode. He takes his findings to the government despite the possible repercussions to their business. He turns up dead a few days later and his wife suspects that he was murdered by his business partner- who also happens to be her brother!

3 Responses to Gray Veleka

Hello, my name is Veleka Gray, not Velita! I had the great pleasure of being cast in six episodes by creator Himan Brown, and I got to work with some wonderful actors in some great stories.

Veleka Gray

Beautiful lady! The mystery theater was my most listened to radio program. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone!

Jim K.

I am so glad my mom name me Veleka and not Victoria.... My mom was a big fan of yours when. She was pregnant with me. Sincerely Veleka

Veleka Wilkins

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