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Hero's Welcome


After living in paradise for years, an amnesiac castaway regains his memory and returns home to reclaim his life. He is disturbed to find out that the townsfolk are unhappy with his sudden appearance, and that his supposed death gained him a hero's reputation.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 1, 1980
  • Repeat - December 23, 1980





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8 Responses to Episode 1123

Good listening. Story develops well and makes one think about what is important in life. Not a surprise ending but an Ok story


"Hero's Welcome" is a very enjoyable summer episode, good storytelling, in the same tropical island genre as "the Magic Cay".


"Hero's Welcome" is a very enjoyable summer episode, good storytelling, in the same tropical island genre as "the Magic Cay".


I got about 5 minutes into this - to the part where the native girl is talking about how he married her when she was 16 and that now, 5 years later, she is too old and maybe he should now marry her 15 year old sister - and felt so ill from the blasé exposition of statutory rape that I had to stop listening. Sometimes these old radio stories are reminders of how much better it is today than it was back then.


Thanks to Jon I had to go back and listen again because the actress doing the island scene was so monumentally boring and unattractive sounding I had zoned out the first time. But it is true. She says "Oh my Lord, we have been married now for six years and now I am an old woman at the age of 22, do I not please you anymore? You could marry my 15-year-old sister for your pleasure. Or my young cousin. There are plenty of young women you could marry." Too much, it is surprising that in 1980 this was acceptable even for the American public. Every man's dream, but I'd rather have Jeanie from the 1960's I Dream of Jeanie. For letting Jeanie out of the lamp by rubbing it you get the world's most beautiful woman to call you master and grant your every wish. Oh those were the times to be a young man. No feminnatzis then.

D.C. Klinkensmit

As a woman I find it very offensive that the wording "feminatzis" is used in a comment by DC Klinkensmit in episode 1123 Hero's Welcome.


I am too. He must be a Zionist Ashkenazi.

Scooter D & no Greens

This episode is a mystery all right. Like why is the main character admired on the island he washes up on to? He's arrogant, violent, and rude. His one good deed in the whole story doesn't compensate for him being a jerk. And EG could have upped his game as well.


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