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Second Sight


In order to evade capture during an attempted robbery of a wealthy man, Arthur Dickson aka Fingers accidentally blinds the detective leading the task force. Dickson is later charged with murder when the millionaire turns up dead. The blind detective comes out of retirement to once again work on the case, this time he believes Dickson's claims of innocence and sets out to exonerate him.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 6, 1980
  • Repeat - December 26, 1980





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10 Responses to Episode 1124

Fred Gwynne stars in this play about a blind detective who seeks the truth about a man's murder.

Johnny Lunario

I'm very sorry that you added the commercials back in.

lori w

I enjoy the commercials, as they are part of the history of radio


I love the commercials, too. They are an interesting part of history and reflect a glimpse of the world at that time.


I agree....not a commercial fan either.

Chris C

I also love the commercials and the newscasts (sometimes as much or more than the shows). I don't think they added them back in. I think these shows must have been put together from various people recording the original shows around the country - probably on reel-to-reels (which were a high-end experience back then). Because the shows originate from different parts of the country - different newscasts and commercials. So, to me they really give me a sense of being back in the 1970s. And, I especially love Fred Gwynne. He just really brings a character to life for me. And the plot is intriguing - After someone permanently injures you - and later in life comes and asks you for a favor to help him out - it would take a big person to do just that.

jim shane

The plot summary as written is not correct. "A detective is blinded in a car accident while attempting to capture a safe cracker named Arthur Dickson aka "Fingers". Dickson is later charged with murder when a millionaire turns up dead at the scene of one of his burglaries. The blind detective comes out of retirement to work on the case, believing Dickson's claims of innocence and sets out to exonerate him."


I rate this episode ★★★★★ for EXCELLENT. This is, without a doubt, one of the BEST Drama-Mysteries created for CBSMRT. I’d give mad props to Sam Dann for writing this terrific story about a blind detective helping a former crook on his innocence. The Title “Second Sight” works. An alternate title that could work is “Second Angle” because we’re going to see someone else’s perspective to solve the case that nobody else can. Or even call it “The Nightgown” (you’ll know why once you get to the 3rd Act of the story). The sound effects of the breaking glass of the French doors, rotary phone, the revolver being fired and dropped, bell chiming at 8 o’clock, footsteps, background noises at the police station, doors, and cell bars were supportive. The music had the right tunes to build up suspense in all 3 Acts. In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall does a great intro about the P.O.V.; what we see isn’t received through the eye, but interpreted by the mind. In ACT-1, we jump into the story and meet the safe cracker. After the 1st Act, E.G. Marshall asks us how can our blind hero help the honest criminal. In ACT-2, our Host asks us about our hero’s plan: why a negligée & a nightgown? (This is where the story goes from good to great) In ACT-3, our Host brings up the characteristic of wisdom and learns to see things differently. In the end, after solving the case, he brings up the classic saying, “For want of a nail.” In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall states that Necessity is the mother of invention, we see things in a different context, and what we have learned is that our hero saw things inside the mind; which is always the deepest and truest vison of all. Great outro! And speaking of great, our cast: Fred Gwynne (as Detective Sergeant James Greenwood), Carol Teitel (as Zelda Ginestera & Mrs. Conroy), Earl Hammond (as Arthur “Fingers” Dickson & Gordon Slater), and Robert Maxwell (as P.J. Ginestera & Lieutenant Ben Kates). I can’t imagine any other CBSRMT actor & actress playing their roles. These 4 nailed it! A round of applause for Carol Teitel, Earl Hammond, and Robert Maxwell. But a standing ovation to Fred Gwynne for playing one of the best characters ever created for the CBSRMT series. I liked his character so much; I wish that Sam Dann wrote more episodes about this blind detective and he gets to solve more mysteries. Detective Sergeant James Greenwood could’ve been the next SHERLOCK HOLMES (created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), or the next EUGENE VALMONT (created by Robert Barr), or the next PROFESSOR AUGUSTUS S.F.X. VAN DUSEN (created by Jacques Futrell). Whether you’re a fan of Fred Gwynne or a fan of old time radio, I EXTREMELY recommend this episode to everyone. Also, check out #0789-SECOND SIGHT and #0915-SECOND SIGHT. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =^D


It seems that those who are not old enough to remember the commercials don't like them, but those of us who remember when the original series aired more appreciate the trip back in time.


Great episode, Fred Gwynne is one of my favorites. I think Robbie is correct about the commercials.


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