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A couple take refuge from a storm in a secluded beach house, only to find themselves in the company of two strangers.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 1, 1974
  • Repeat - September 13, 1974
  • Repeat - March 21, 1980





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17 Responses to Episode 0112

This is excellent like all the Mysterys. Just wish the wind sound effects were a bit less. The loud wind effects made it hard to hear the actual play. Other then that, it was excellent!


Great play! The twists are great but not far-fetched. Its a nice bonus being gore and demon-free too. Great straight mystery.


Agree with the above comments. Will also add that the feel-good ending was nice, too. Non-violent thriller. No supernatural elements.


A couple stumble into an unsettling situation seeking refuge from a hurricane. The home they come to is occupied by two men, one older man with a gun, the other younger man frantically sending subtle signals of distress to the newly arrived couple. Fearing for the safety of the young man, and themselves, they seek to uncover the problem. This episode is very similar to Episode 0041, “Blizzard of Terror” and is a candidate for the TWIN EPISODE award!


Agreed with the above posters. This is a very good episode. Straight-up thriller without supernatural elements, good surprises, and nice, tight plotting. Thumbs up.


This episode was just alright. I agree with Jeruel, it was very similar to "Blizzard of Terror." Blizzard of Terror was much better. 3 stars.


Almost a duplicate of Blizzard of Terror, but with one more person. I think I would've enjoyed it more if they hadn't used the wind sound so loudly as if the windows were all open. I understand it was blowing pretty hard, but even so it was very annoying. That said, it was interesting psychology, whether real or made up.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. I give props to George Lowthar for his terrific writing. Not only did he write good Fantasy-Mysteries, but also Drama-Mysteries and this particular Drama-Mystery is one of his best! A twisted plot in ACT-1, dark pasts revealed in ACT-2, and realizations in ACT-3. Catastrophic fights + catastrophic storm = EPIC episode! The music was suspenseful in every scene. And so were the sound effects of the high winds blowing, radio click, door ponding, footsteps, coffee cups clinking, Scrabble pieces, handcuffs, candle stick hitting the head, the firing of the .38 caliber revolver, smashing glasses, the house shaking, and the hurricane getting louder. What was also epic, was the cast: Joe Julian (as Joe Carrington), Evie Juster (as Fran Halliday), Jack Grimes (as Ronnie Prentice), and Gordon Gould (as Martin Halliday). Each of them played their parts outstandingly, especially Jack Grimes who played innocent in the beginning and then insane throughout the story. I would’ve given this CBSRMT episode 5 stars for EXCELLENT if only they had the Epilogue. Everything that E.G. Marshall said in his narrations was spectacular, though. In his Prologue, his intro was “Welcome to the vivid world of your imagination. To the miracle of your own mind’s eye.” Different from his other intro: “The fear…you can hear,” but it’s a good opening. In ACT-1, he jumps right into the story where it takes place on a beach house on the eastern shore of Florida while we hear the sounds of the Hurricane and later found out that our heroes in this story are in a predicament. In ACT-2, he informs us that some say we cannot escape what the fates have ordained shall be our future. And some say we create our own destinies, masters of our fates, captains of our souls, but he believes in luck; good or bad…intriguing. Then, he informs us again about an ironic twist of fate for our main characters. In ACT-3, he says, “No matter how intimately our lives are bound up with another’s, we never really know what he’s like underneath…what he truly thinks…truly feels.” That, I agree with 100%. In the end, he concludes that all 4 characters survived. But then when we get to the Epilogue, there is nothing! The recording was cut off! We may never know what words of wisdom our Host had said in the end. Other than that, this story is truly epic and I recommend it to everyone. And I recommend that everyone should listen to the other episodes that George Lowthar wrote, especially his adaptations from the stories of Robert Louis Stevenson (#0107), Edgar Allan Poe (#0200), Guy de Maupassant (#0276), Bram Stoker (#0085), and Oscar Wilde (#0129). Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0>


"The Hurricane". Very good one


Seeking shelter from the storm outside, Martin Halliday, a high school counselor, and his wife Fran come across a beach cabin and manage to convince revolver-toting Joe Carrington to allow them to wait out Hurricane Donna in his Florida beach cabin. With Carrington is young Ron Prentice, who manages to tell Fran he has been kidnapped. But when the Hallidays’ scheme to relieve Carrington of his gun is successful, they learn — to their horror — that Ron, who now has the gun, is a homicidal maniac and that Carrington is his guardian.


Perfectly good episode, quite entertaining, but let’s get real. This episode is just Blizzard of Terror (also written by Lowthar) re-dressed. The comparison goes all the way down to the (quite effective, in my opinion) distinctive use of atmospheric stock sound effects.

Jordan N.

Too many convenient devices. Used to be a saying that every story can be forgiven one ridiculous convention and still be a good story. This was a peppering of them. They cascaded over each other in a torrent. Awful.


I agree. This one was terrible.


I agree. It started off very strong, but another example of a story that could have been excellent over ~25 minutes ruined by needing to fill an hour. Also, it's not that I wanted the characters to die, but don't lie to me that "she died! (not really)" and then *again* "he died! (not really)." (Yes, I understand that the point was that he couldn't really follow through, but for the show to outright deceive the audience, twice!, is just bad suspense. It ruins the ability to generate real tension when we know the "not really" is coming.)


This was a really excellent episode. The plot twists were really good, at first you think of the situation one way and then another before hearing the truth. Sound effects were good, it's a hurricane and the wind are loud but you can hear the dialogue and feel the suspense. Really good ending, a nice one! Pinky thing missing was hearing E G Marshall's comment at the end, he always has such good comments and sayings, to bad they cut that of at the end and there were no commercials and news, they always add to the feel of old time radio.


Agreed. A well crafted episode, great sound effects and Jack Grimes did a superb job of coming off as a manipulative man-child just on the edge of losing it.

Margaret DeLuca

Agreed. A well crafted episode, great sound effects and Jack Grimes did a superb job of coming off as a manipulative man-child just on the edge of losing it.

Margaret DeLuca

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