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In the Name of Love


Immersed in her make-believe life, the high-powered president of a huge agency fancies herself as the mother of a renowned actress; and she enlists the aid of a wealthy client when her supposed daughter goes missing.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 18, 1980
  • Repeat - October 9, 1980





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2 Responses to Episode 1095

What a strange episode with a strange leading lady! I love Teri Keane, having fallen in love with her after first hearing "The Eavesdropper" (great acting in that one!), and in this episode, she plays a sassy but pathetic career woman who's desperately lonely and whose maternal instincts are unfulfilled. So she mentally adopts a famous young actress as a "daughter," carrying on as a mother in her mind and a bit in real life, to the point of having "phone conversations" with her. Then the "daughter" has a breakdown. What will Keane's character do? And how does the handsome man she just men on an airplane react to all this weirdness? This episode features Evie Juster's "little girl voice," which is always strange, but something I love to hate-listen to LOL


This does sound like a good one! Im gonna listen to it tonite in bed! Thanks for sharing!! Like


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