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The Blue Tiger


A determined D.A. hot on the pursuit of a seasoned killer responsible for the murder of a witness turns up dead. Finally free of his tail, the criminal moves on to his next mission- conning an elderly old woman into believing he is her long, lost son.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 24, 1980
  • Repeat - July 8, 1980





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6 Responses to Episode 1070

First time on air on my 16th birthday.


great one!


Larry Haines is great, as always. Happy Birthday, Larry! Just one thing - I HATE whistling. He could plays good and bad guys equally well, and excelled at playing characters who were under terrible pressure or had deep, dark secrets. RIP, Mr. Haines.


Bryna Raeburn was quite good at playing a nervous woman in this and many other episodes. Almost too good; it can get irritating listening to her.


In THE BLUE TIGER, prolific Mystery Theater writer Sam Dann packs massive tension and suspense into a radio play divided into two definitive parts. The first section involves Alice (Bryna Raeburn), the horribly abused live-in girlfriend of cold-hearted hit man Leo (Larry Haines) as she tries to extricate herself from the terror and psychopathy of the violent life she has fallen into. Versatile radio giant Larry Haines is frequently cast as a rock hard tough guy and his performance as Leo ‘the whistler’ may his best performance in this capacity ever. His inhumanity yet believable coldness in Blue Tiger is enough to make you physically shiver. I love Haines as a radio actor and marvel over his range; from hard-as-nails criminal (in ‘The Woman Who Wanted to Live’) to heart of a pussycat (‘Open Warfare’ from the radio series ‘X minus One’). After a massive build-up of suspense climaxing at the end of Act 2 the tale takes an obtuse turn as Leo moves on to con an elderly woman out of her fortune. Though the conclusion involves a too-convenient coincidence, BLUE TIGER summons thrilling tension and delightful suspense in the early acts as Sam Dann masterfully develops stark protagonist and antagonist conflict. The Blue Tiger roars 4 out of 5 stars - JUROR #4


I love the old commercials - at 3:00 a commercial about how to give better gas economy. Yes, these bring back the 1970s/80s in all it's glory (to me). I enjoyed the story as well

jim shane

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