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Three Times Dead


A store-keeper shows his gratitude to the police officer that saves them by giving his wife a magical figurine able to grant three boons.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 17, 1974
  • Repeat - September 1, 1974





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16 Responses to Episode 0106

Another be-careful-what-you-wish-for story. This one works better than the previous one (#94, The Crack in the Wall)


A pretty terrifying spin on the old "Monkey's Paw" story. Most disturbing element of early CBSRMT's is that good people can have tragic ends. Suzanne Grossman's acting is especially effective here, especially when she finds out how she got 15 grand via a wish. Chilling stuff.


As stated above, this is a modernized version of "The Monkey's Paw" albeit with a much creepier second wish. I don't wish to spoil, especially to those who have not read "The Monkey's Paw," but this episode should be gripping for both people familiar and unfamiliar with the source material. Supernatural wishes.


A retelling of "The Monkey's Paw" involving an antique dealer, a cop, and a small statue that grants wishes. Lame retelling of a great story.

Rona Miraz

Another "Monkey's Paw" rip off... and not a very good one at that. Arbitrary ending.


This one was not one of my favorites. The Monkey's paw retold for the 50th time. While good setup and dialogue, kind of devolved into "Pet Sematary" by the end.


Yes, this might be a Monkey's Paw ripoff, but it is done well. Also, it seems to be more of a performance that will be memorable. Well done--4 stars.


I'd have to agree that this is a so-so remake of "The Monkey's Paw", though stories about a talisman that grants three wishes, and the moral "Be careful what you wish for - it may just happen" go back long before that story. I'd give this 3 stars - it kept me entertained, but it's not one of Sam Dann's best. For a very good radio version of the story "The Monkey's Paw" that's faithful to the original, look for the CBC version on "Nightfall", first aired July 11, 1980. It's online for free and it's really creepy - lots of atmosphere. ;)

AZ Mountain Geek

THREE TIMES DEAD was a choppy uninteresting take on the "three wishes" theme. The occasional flash of brilliant dialogue in Sam Dann's tale was overshadowed by a discontinuous story and a nonsensical ending. For a better take on the granted wishes genre, take a listen to the far superior 'Imp in the Bottle.' If I had three wishes, I would've used all three to wish 'Three Times Dead' ended three times sooner. I give the drama 1 star out of 5. JUROR #4


Another variation of the "Monkey's Paw" story (which I remember as a good read). I wonder what would happen if someone were to melt the statue down and make several items out of them. Is it the shape of metal that's allegedly imbued with the property or is it the metal itself? It would be interesting for someone to write that story (which, of course, would be difficult to do with a monkey's paw).


My dad used to tell us The monkeys paw story. I was always a little scared. This RMT is a variation of that story. Very well done, excellent acting by all, chilling . 4 stars. Of


One flaw in the plot is that the antique dealer had his three wishes , none of which did him any harm , in fact the third one saved his life . So why did it go wrong for the policeman and his wife ? In The Monkey's Paw , by contrast , the person who gives the monkey's paw makes it plain that other people , including himself , have had bad experiences .


SPOILER: How come she had to wish her husband dead at the end? Why couldn't she have just wished for his brain injury to be healed? He was only killing people because something happened to his brain when he was injured. Her last wish killed him for nothing! That's the main thing that really bugs me about this episode, lol!


I agree Amy. But to flesh out others' comments, perhaps the reason why it was bad luck was because she "bought it" rather than it being gifted. So hubby should have allowed her to graciously receive the gift in the first place, then good things could have happened. The idiom "Never look a gift horse in the mouth" sort of thing. I will give it 3 stars.


A sad tale of wanting wishes granted instead of being happy with what you have. Sad that all 3 wishes went badly. Rather a depressing story overall, thank goodness there were some commercials to add a little cheerfulness!


As soon as they we talking about wishes, I was like "Monkey's Paw", and sure enough that's what it is. The end is ambiguous and that kind of ruins it for me, this happens in quite a few episodes. A version of this story I really like is in the 1972 film Tales From The Crypt, the segment entitled "Wish You Were Here". Much better pay off. I do love the the old news and commercials included for the Seattle broadcast.

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