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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


An unforeseen accident gives birth to the evil alter ego of the doctor in charge of the experiment.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 18, 1974
  • Repeat - September 4, 1974
  • Repeat - January 8, 1978
  • Repeat - July 7, 1979





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22 Responses to Episode 0107

Episode 0107 and 0852 are both titled "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", however they are uniquely different stories, not duplicates.

Mark Main

thank you cbs radio mystery theater

Ward Alpen

thank you cbs radio mystery theater

Ward Alpen

Although the Jekyll/Hyde transformation is a very famous aspect of popular culture these days, it was originally a "twist" that Jekyll and Hyde turned out to be the same person. "The CBS Radio Mystery Theater" still portrays it as such, but is a little weird since essentially every listener already knows this to be the case. Science fiction.


Here's a story that's been adapted so often that it's just about impossible to come up with a new approach. This one claims to be very faithful to the original... Not really. There's the inevitable tragic love interest added. A rather odd sequence in which Hyde literally walks over Lanyon in the street - adapted from an incident in the story where Hyde trampled a child on the sidewalk. In this version Hyde also seems to be commiting a number of brutal murders of strangers... And there's a new ending... All in all; not faithful but not too bad in it's own right.

Franco Lobrigo

A doctor and his alter ego created by an experiment gone awry. Decent adaptation of Stevenson's best work. Recommended.

Bistro Roberto

A scientist has his lawyer create a strange will to leave all his estate to an unknown individual in the case of his death or disappearance. The individual named in the will turns up in strange circumstances, usually associated with acts of extreme violence. A good adaptation of the Stevenson original story.


Thanks for this show! As E.G says in his postscript remarks; he considers this adaptation closer to the Stevenson original than any of the film versions of the story. Kevin McCarthy is at his best here, better than he is in the Sherlock Holmes episodes, in my opinion. His characterization is creepy and convincing. I think it's a great 45 minute abridgement of the original. There seem to be a few seconds missing in the middle of the show . . . perhaps a gap caused by flipping over a 60 minute cassette during the initial recording? Just a couple of lines when Jeckyll warns Utterson (?) to leave the room rather than witness the transformation. Out of all the adaptations of classic material that RMT did over the years, this one remains my favorite. You can almost smell London in the 1890's!


as for this program, i'd heard it a while back, so it was great to revisit. for some reason, this website allows me to focus on a program with a deeper analysis and respect than just randomly listening. this was a terrific program. it delivers on all levels and held my attention all the way through. some adaptations tend to border into the boring or forced, but this one was as fresh and exciting as any other RMT tale offered up. as a note, i recently watched the animated film, Treasure Planet, a futuristic adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. while mostly a kid's movie, it was great fun and held true to the spirit of the original tale. a surprise in it was the name they chose for the ship they travelled in: RLS LEGEND, a homage to the original author. anyhow, thanks again Morton, for a fine choice.

Dave B.

"Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" was a solid performance. I had never read, heard, or seen any rendition of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde--Mystery Theater was my first time experiencing this classic. It was well done without being distinct in any sort of way. 3 stars.


Good adaptation of the original story which I did read some time ago. Although it wasn't as true to the original as E.G. may have mentioned (although likely truer than others), it was still a good adaptation as I already stated.


awesome adaptation of the classic story!

terence m. jones

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is my favorite.


I have many favorites in the CBSRMT canon. But this episode is my favorite-favorite! Kevin McCarthy does some of the best work of his career; his rendering is iconic and definitive in its own right. The supporting players also step up to this level. I wonder if Brown and the actors could tell that this piece was coming together in a special and superior way. All that being said, I have a different favorite comedy episode . . . but even so, this one tops my list of all the shows.


"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" was a brilliant episode for The CBS Radio Mystery Theater in June 1974. Intrigue, suspense, surprise, wit, continuity, and panache were evident in the episode. Each character played their roles with clarity. The Late Kevin McCarthy was spectacular in one of many performances on The CBS Radio Mystery Theater. This episode would be worthwhile to listen on a quiet night.

Eric L. Ellis

An unforeseen accident gives birth to the evil alter ego of the doctor in charge of the experiment. An unforeseen accident gives birth to the evil alter ego of the doctor in charge of the experiment. A scientist has his lawyer create a strange will to leave all his estate to an unknown individual in the case of his death or disappearance. The individual named in the will turns up in strange circumstances, usually associated with acts of extreme violence.


Dr. Henry Jekyll, a prominent London physician, has long held the theory that every person contains within himself not one spirit, but two — one good, the other evil. He also believes a way can be found, via an elixir, to release the evil spirit. In his laboratory he works out such a potion, which transforms him into a hairy, malformed dwarf with claws, a murderer named Edward Hyde. Though he fights against it, Dr. Jekyll slowly becomes subservient to Mr. Hyde.


Kevin McCarthy is wonderful. A tremendous rendition.


A good adaptation of the traditional story. Unique in its own way. Although it is a variation of has a great cast of characters whom the actors portray very well. The sound effects add to the story and you can almost see the foggy London streets. A great job by RMT! Thanks for this and leaving the commercials in.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. I’d give George Lowthar props for writing the adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novella. It was straightforward of where this story took place and what characters were involved. However, some of the characters were missing, including Richard Enfield who witnessed Edward Hyde’s physical attack on a girl. Also, the Maid who saw Edward Hyde kill Danvers Carew. As for Beatrice, she’s not from the original story. The Inspector’s name of Scotland Yard was changed in this episode. As for the ending, it’s different from the original. In Stevenson’s book, Dr. Henry Jekyll writes his confession to reveal who Edward Hyde really is. In this episode, he’s shot by his fiancé (SPOILER ALERT). Good story for radio, but it’s a mystery why George Lowthar had to take some characters out and bring new ones in, plus, changing the ending. In our Host's Prologue, E.G. Marshall immediately brings up the topic of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. In ACT-1, he made 1 error in the narration that this London story takes place in 1896. (SPECIAL NOTE: the novella came out in 1886.) In ACT-2, mention the old saying, “Tamper with natural law, will lead to an unnatural end.” After discovering that Jekyll & Hyde are one and the same, out Host points out the doctor has nothing to fear, knowing that his fate will come an end. In ACT-3, the remaining characters discover the doctor’s secret. We got the Climax, but no Resolution was included. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall believes that this radio adaptation was closer to the original. ANOTHER SPECIAL NOTE: There were other radio programs that did better versions, such as CBS-Bookshelf Of The World from 1949 and NBC-Theatre Royal Program in 1954. Sound effects of the bell tolls, howling wind, creepy footsteps, blows to the head from the walking cane, doorbells, doors, piano playing, the slap, chemistry set clicking, potion fizzing, horse carriages, gun shot, and body thud worked nicely in this. The music had a lot of dramatic tunes and all worked efficiently. I will say that the Cast in this was dramatically terrific: Kevin McCarthy (as Dr. Henry Jekyll & Mr. Edward Hyde), Marian Seldes (as Beatrice Lanyon), Ian Martin (as Gabriel Jeffrey Utterson and Inspector Wolfe of Scotland Yard), and Court Benson (as Dr. Hastie Lanyon and Mr. Poole). Both Ian Martin and Court Benson were a great pair in their performances. Even though Marian Seldes’ character wasn’t from the original story, she was still a delight. As for our leading man, Kevin McCarthy, he was outstanding! If you love his performance in the Sherlock Holmes episodes, you’ll enjoy his performance as the protagonist and the antagonist. And you’d enjoy the classic radio commercials of Doyle Deodorant, Goldilocks with 7UP, Susan X for Body All, Camco Finnick on Mosquitos, Kellogg’s Special K cereal, Kodak film, Budweiser, Prestone Coolant Antifreeze, Buick Apollo, Contact Allergy, and Harold Hill from the Music Man. All these commercials were aired from KRLD radio in Dallas, TX. Until next time…pleasant dreams.


This is a truly excellent episode. The actor playing Jekyll and Hyde is remarkable- you could here anguish and evil in his voice and outbursts. This is now my favorite show. Also, the need cast startled me. As a beef farmer myself it was amazing to hear a legislator speaking about the consequences of imported beef and unfair markets. Sadly the big meat packers won control of the market completely now. Buy local and direct from farmers when you can! Sorry to go all political on you.

Kathy D

I have enjoyed listening to the CBSRMT during this holiday season. EG as Scrooge, and Fred Gynn on New Years Eve, and other holiday theme shows. Humbug! It is time for us to turn to the pure scary and hoarer of these great radio drama shows, Hyman created for us. Oh you don't believe? I suggest, a few stories for the Macarb. It's the new year, January, cold, snowy, and dark at night, maybe you might want to try listening to "Dracula", or "The Black Spider" or another true scary tail told by the CBSRMT! I choose to cuddle up in my bed, turn the lights off, and listen to this tale of hoarer! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. who????

A. Fan

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