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The Forty-Four


The local sheriff has been in love with a wealthy landowner for the longest time. When she confesses to the murder of her cousin over a dispute on the ownership of a certain property, ballistics reports on the weapon come back negative and he must find the true perpetrator of the crime in order to save her.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 23, 1980
  • Repeat - May 8, 1980





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5 Responses to Episode 1053

It’s always a bad sign when E.G. Marshall apologizes at the end of an episode. In The Forty Four, he apologizes for the fact that the story was not wrapped up in a nice tidy package. There were other shortcomings. The episode could have been improved with Alexandra as a more sensuous older woman. Himan Brown was a high point in the episode. He is always stellar. I wish he had bigger roles in Mystery Theater and more of them. I guess he was already pretty busy. I give The Forty Four two stars out of 5 – Juror # 4

Juror # 4

Marshall does not apologize at the end of this episode-he says that if you like your tales wound up neatly they cannot oblige. He then adds that life can be like that.

Dale Haskell

Always love John Beal. Interesting episode spun by my favorite writer, Sam Dann. Thank you to those who provide these episodes of CBSRMT. I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights are made easier, to this insomniac, by listening to these tales.


Ann's right about RMT being a God-send for insomniacs. No negative comment on Mystery Theater, which is great, but on nights I go to bed listening to RMT (or other radio theater), I barely get a few minutes before I'm asleep (I use the 'sleep' feature on my audio so it shuts off after 20 minutes). On nights I have difficulty sleeping, listening to a whole episode is great fun.

Tommy Boy

I agree regarding the insomnia relief from cbsrmt. I used to listen in middle school when I could not get to sleep. In 2015, I found this website and have listening ever since. Sometimes it takes a week to listen all the way through an episode! The ones with commercials and news are special treats.


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