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The Philosopher's Stone


A soft-hearted banker gives in and accepts a so-called "philosopher's stone" as collateral when a man hard-up on luck walks in to ask for a $100 loan. He then discovers something about himself in the process.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 28, 1979
  • Repeat - March 20, 1980





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3 Responses to Episode 1034

Wonderful episode. I gotta get me a philosopher's stone, and once you hear this story, you'll want one too.


Great Episode. Interesting twist on what a philosopher's stone does.

The Philosopher’s Stone’s lighthearted and light-weight plot sustains interest and a feel-good warmth through compelling performances by an eclectic group of characters surrounding main character Harry Lawson, a kindhearted loan officer whose employment is hanging by a thread solely through the benevolence of Harry’s cranky boss Dennis, the president of a struggling bank who happens to be Harry's brother. The story's ending is as vapid as the promise of the stone itself but writer Sam Dann’s parade of interesting and well-played characters, including various hard-luck loan applicants, pretty bank secretary Miss Roselawn, and Lawson’s gritty landlady Mrs. Jeffries (played by Bryna Raeburn) makes the listener happy to be along for the ride, especially in the glow of Harry’s goodwill and eternal positive outlook. The Philosopher’s Stone gleams a soft 4 stars out of 5 - JUROR # 4.


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