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The Voice of Death


His fate takes a turn for the better when a down on his luck ventriloquist comes across an unusual doll. However, a sinister plot is set into motion when he takes the dummy as it's creator plans to take his soul in exchange.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 11, 1975
  • Repeat - February 8, 1976





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5 Responses to Episode 0342

I remember this one creeping me out as a kid. It was tamer this time around, but still a bit unnerving.

Jonathan WAld

A washed up ventroliquist finds the perfect dummy. However, the builder of the dummy has his own agenda --- to destroy the ventroliquist and possess his soul.

Pepe Rubio

This one made me think of the 1978 movie Magic, even if it was different (ventriloquist story). You always see/hear stories about ventriloquists who go crazy, but I suppose if you build up an alter ego that is also you, you could likely drive yourself crazy. At least in this one the ventriloquist wasn't crazy and was a fairly decent story.


Excellent. One of my favorite episodes. Victor Jory did a great job


Sounding a bit/lot like The Twilight Zone episode "The Dummy" w/ the late Cliff RobersonFrank Sutton. Again,just commenting. Take Care & Bye for now.

Bob Hudgins

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