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The Charnel House


To discover the truth about her father's death, a young woman becomes a staff member in the rest home in which he resided. There she uncovers a horrifying and gruesome secret.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 11, 1979
  • Repeat - September 18, 1979





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7 Responses to Episode 0970

The charnel House is the apitomy of RMT. Gruesome yes, but it is our minds that create such vivid pictures. Great Radio. Three cheers.

Eric Berry

The Charnel house had all those elements- great sound effects, mood, setting, eeriness, (and Roberta Maxwells voice), that make great Mystery Theater Episodes! I must comment here that many episodes seem to have "INSPIRED" others, I won't say copy. For Example, Charnel House may have "inspired" the author of SHELTER ISLAND novel. "No way Out" may have Inspired certain aspects of the TV Show LOST. "Life Blood" may have Greatly Inspired the writer of the new Movie EX MACHINA. And there are more that I'm sure others can come up with. Just sayin'....


Turn the lights down.... Climb under the covers.... This one is what makes Radio Mystery Theater special. Sound effects, music, mood - great actors all make for a wonderful Melodrama. We are so fortunate to have these performances from these great radio actors. Court Benson and Roberta Maxwell play multiple roles here and Grace Matthews was almost 70 when she played the ingenue and you completely buy it. Grace was a regular on Guiding Light but also played a royal wife in the film The King and I. Court Benson you may remember from The Jackie Gleason Show. Himan Brown was a bridge to another their era for us - bringing us performers who we would have never known had it not been for Radio Mystery Theater. E.G. Marshall truly brings each episode together with a knowing wink. The Charnel House is a must for RMT fans old and new. Truly Radio Mystery Theater at it's most splendid.

Paul Liberti

I thought this was an excellent and interesting episode until the very end. I wonder if they could have found a better way to close the story.


A good storyline that kept me interested. I wish a bit more creativity could have been used to bring forth a better ending. It left me sort of flat.


This episode comes off well in many aspects. The voice casting is really spot on in my opinion. No episode is perfect, but this one really came to life with atmosphere and mental pictures that came easily. The story kept me interested. I think this is one of the ones to use when introducing somebody to CBSRMT.


This is my favorite episode. I think this story is great.


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