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Nefertiti (1 of 5) - The Vulture Screams


Prince Ahkenatan is set to wed the daughter of the Prime Minister, Nefertiti, who loathes the weak monarch with all her being. When Akhenatan is hailed as Pharaoh, those who question his rule conspire against him.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 8, 1979
  • Repeat - August 6, 1979





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4 Responses to Episode 0940

This is the earliest episode I remember actually listening to LIVE on KIRO-710 in Seattle. How awesome it is to literally stumble across this collection and return to those cozy nights under my blankets with my little clock radio, the creaking door, E.G. Marshall and that "byammm-rummm-rummm-rummm" cello sending me off to awesome adventures in the night. Not to mention this was an awesome series of episodes to get me properly hooked on CBSRMT.

Paul Banta

I remember as a 12 year old, staying up WELL past my allotted beddie time with a pair of 1st generation radio headphones, lying there in dark, completely absorbed in this marathon adventure. I was already obsessed with ancient Egypt and this story only exacerbated the whole thing. I started carving Akhnaten's cartouche on things after this, and I think Tammy Grimes voice jump started my puberty... Thank you for giving me back these memories!


In this episode we are introduced to the principle characters. Nefertiti, daughter of the Prime Minister has, through inner workings and the intention of her father, been betrothed to Akhenatan, presented as a spineless, whimpering simp who, though heir to the throne, could barely walk across the street without holding his mother’s hand. Nefertiti is a strong willed woman with a lust for power and a cruelty that bubbles near the surface. After the death of Amenhotep, Akhenatan’s father, Akhenatan is to be made pharaoh and married to Nefertiti on the same day. In one flashback, they recall a moment in their childhood when the two of them, playing with their dear friend Horemheb, attack an overseer for mistreating a slave. Akhenatan is less than enthusiastic about it while the other two show their strength and courage at a young age.


this was a great episode! can't wait to check out episode 2!

terence jones

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