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Nefertiti (2 of 5) - To Kill a Pharoah


The plot to over Akhenatan crumbles and as she learns more about the man she has wed, Nefertiti falls in love. Together, they set on a path of establishing a new religion to worship the God of the Sun.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 9, 1979
  • Repeat - August 7, 1979





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4 Responses to Episode 0941

A very stunning and rather intense episode. While the first part of this series was average this installment is very well done.

Edmund Zebrowski

this episode was definitely way better than the first! can't wait to finish this whole 5 part series!

terence jones

Excellent episode really great to find the complete set after all these years as kodiak radio station chose to only play 2 episodes before broadcasting the local basketball game in its place.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Once again, G. Frederick Lewis wrote an entertaining episode that went from Drama to Adventure with a dose of Romance. However, like in the previous episode, there have been a few slip ups. For example, Nefertiti's sister's real name was Mutbenret, not Marianni. Nefertiti, in this episode, treated her cat like a pet, but Ancient Egyptians treated these animals like gods. Also, in the 3rd Act when Nefertiti found out that her father planned to kill her Pharaoh husband, she didn't get too emotional nor enraged when he was executed. Does it seem strange that she acted cool, calm, and collective knowing that her father, who attempted murder, was gone forever? I suppose for a Queen like her had to be strong and show no weakness while ruling Egypt by her spouse's side. In our Host's Prologue, E.G. Marshall compares this 2nd Chapter to archaeologist Howard Carter who opened King Tutankhamen's tomb; for it unlocked the past of the ancient days. In ACT-1, turn of events for Nefertiti & Akhenaten in the Sepulcher. In ACT-2, pointing out that some wars have been fought over religion. In ACT-3, Nefertiti & Akhenaten have changed, focusing on their beliefs as they travel to Thebes. More importantly, what Nefertiti thought about in the new chapter of her life. From Princess, to Queen, to Sun worshiper, and now the idea of becoming a mother. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall makes it clear that both Nefertiti & Akhenaten were the greatest influence on Ancient Egypt. Excellent narrations that helped explain the story. The sound effects of footsteps in the tombs, echoes of knocking, sealing of the tomb, gaming sticks, tomb crumbling, howling wind, herd of sheep, water dripping from the fish pool, purse of gold coins, people chatting in Thebes, clinking of wine cups, drawing of the curtains, climbing into the coffin, sealing the coffin lid, chariot wheels, horse neighing, cat meowing, and the gongs were super supportive in this episode! The music as well. Variety of tunes that kept the story moving forward from drama to adventure and back again. Now onto our cast: Tammy Grimes (as Nefertiti), Evie Juster (as Marianni and Queen Tye), Russell Horton (as Akhenaten), Robert Dryden (as Prime Minister Aye and the Shepherd), and Ian Martin (as the Court Tailor and the High Priest). Once again, the performers that played 2 roles did well. Russell Horton as the Pharaoh did much better than the previous episode. As for our leading lady, Tammy Grimes had that nice, sophisticated voice, but not quite the right one to play an Ancient Egyptian Queen. Still, I look forward to the 3rd Chapter of this 5-part saga and wonder what mysteries lie ahead. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


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