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The Search for Myra


A wealthy industrialist seeks psychiatric counseling when he begins calling his wife, as well as his secretary by a strange name. Together, they delve deep into his conscience to discover who this "Myra" person really is.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 15, 1978
  • Repeat - June 26, 1979





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My 10th birthday! I remember my dad saying" your a double digit now" I feel very blessed that he is still around :)


Mandel Kramer plays a businessman who married a woman (played by Marian Seldes) just for her money, but has been a devoted husband and has built a prosperous business. Mysteriously, he starts calling his secretary "Myra". He starts to call his wife (whom he apparently hasn't cheated on - he's neither looking to do so nor divorce her) the same name. She's frustrated because she wants a husband who loves her, and leaves him. He's been in therapy, and his psychologist (played by Cort Benson) runs him through remembering the name every woman he's ever known from nursery school age on - Alice, Bertha, etc. No "Myra". The psychologist says he's doing a good job acting...then Kramer's character finally confesses who "Myra" is. She and he were an item in college, and deeply loved each other. He, however, wanted to get rich, and apparently ended up marrying someone else. How did that "apparently" happen? Kramer's character starts to search, and goes back to where Myra's house is. (His character is around 50 years old.) He finds her house, her pleasant old Momma there, then finds Myra...looking exactly as the last time he saw her in college. She's elated that he's come back to her. They fall in love again and go off to the lake for a boat ride. Meanwhile, the sheriff pays a visit to her mother, who says all that's happened in the last paragraph. The sheriff is quite uneasy...he nervously reminds the Mom that her hair is white because it turned that way shortly after the news he gave her 30 years ago - that her daughter was dead. Strangely, this one has an element of the original "Friday the thirteenth" movie, without the gore...

Randy Kendall

I really liked this one. It seemed more like an Elspeth Eric or Ian Martin episode than one by Sam Dann. It kind of leaves it to your imagination wether we are dealing with a ghost or the product of a tormented mind, and that makes it all the more effective. Still, they could have used a little more subtlety about Myra being dead or alive; it is much too easy to guess from some of the comments we hear, especially those of the police officer.

Joe G.

I agree about the subtlety of those comments and insinuations. I understand how they wanted to lead you along with a little information about what had happened, but if they had been gentler, subtler, more mysterious, it could have been used to even greater effect at the end. Appreciate your comments!

Erwin P.

I would agree 100% with both your coments. It was exactly how I felt about this one. I too understand why they wanted us to know some information, but it did take some of the mystery out of it.

V. Torzar

Heh heh, he "found" Myra. Wealth vs. Love. Stories for the ages.


I agree with the above comments. The show worked and I like the ambiguity of the ending. The most surprising aspect of the show was the claim, made by the sheriff, that the main character killed the woman. Perhaps I am dense, but I never suspected before the Sheriff made that comment, that the man in question was a killer. But that better explains the woman exacting revenge.

Geoff Torralba

George Hastings (played by Mandel Kramer) chose a life of $ instead of ♥. He does find Myra (played by Carol Teitel) who was his childhood sweetheart. The 3rd ACT, like many CBSRMT episodes, has a nice twist. The sound effects & Sam Dann's writing of the dialogue at the lake were peaceful and...the best way I can describe it...was ghostly tender. Check this episode out, everyone.


I have put love behind me, I am free of that mistake. You will seek and never find me, I have no heart for you to break. Freeking awesome storyline!

Mark Cortino

One of the best by far!


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