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The Thing at Nolan


When a father vanishes while digging a ditch in frontier Missouri, suspicions fall on the rebellious son who recently threatened him with bodily harm. His mother believes his claims of innocence, but the rest of the townsfolk do not.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 20, 1978
  • Repeat - May 31, 1979





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4 Responses to Episode 0920

It's 1879 in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri when bizarre things happen following a quarrel between a father and son. Nothing more can be told about this program without breaking the mystery and whenever things happen in Southern Missouri there is always a mystery waiting to happen.


In this episode, one of those classic scenes occurs, well, TWICE in fact, where two people describe to each other, in extreme detail, something they are both watching, for the benefit of the radio audience. It's hilarious every time this happens on CBSRMT because in real life nobody would ever do that. It was particularly egregious (and hideous!) in this episode. You could almost smell it from their description! Enjoy!


Engrossed in this superbly performed ghostly tale, the listener sympathizes not with the murder victim, but with the family left behind. The tragic conclusion represents how a patriarchal society permitted generations of mental and physical abuse; as a foregoing and cursed tradition. All the play's themes, however, are overshadowed by the recorded broadcast's time capsule news report. Grim details about the Jonestown cult mass suicide & murder massacre close this episode with a nonfiction story more horrifying than any RMT.

Professor Richard Pierson

On the lighter side, the broadcast is highlighted by a hilariously funny wine commercial by Tony Randall !😊

Professor Richard Pierson

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