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Death Rides a Stallion


An old flame torments a playboy after her death in a horse riding accident.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 14, 1974
  • Repeat - February 23, 1974





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24 Responses to Episode 0009

Traditional ghost story, no surprises. I had thought that the throwaway line about the stablehand being a retired physicist was foreshadowing a revelation of hologram use, but it was a ghost (or mental aberration) after all. Ghost story, questioned (and unbelieved) supernatural phenomena.


Great ghost story about a girl who killed herself on a horse riding accident after her boyfriend proposed to another (rich) girl. It's worth listening to it to the very end for some very dramatic screaming and yelling.


Decent ghost story. Worth the time to listen.


Outstanding episode, easily one of my favorites! Appreciated it much more the second time I listened to it. I thought the acting was excellent throughout, with Mason Adams giving a stellar performance. This is what radio theater is all about!

Melanie C

A girl named Emily has never been happier. She has her majestic horse Spartacus and thinks she's about to become engaged to the man she loves. Only he has a surprise for her when he announces that he'll be marrying her rich stepsister instead. Death, a haunting and just desserts follow. Really solid episode.


A standard ghost story but notable for a noteworthy performance by Mason Adams.


A young whose love is spurned, dies and haunts her lover. Witty dialogue and a decent script (Mason Adams stars). The witty script save this one from parody.


Revenge visas VI a horse, but it really doesn’t work.

Dee Ramon

A Lothario is tormented by the ghost of a woman he used who later died in a horse riding accident.

M. Montano

Some of the acting is a little over the top, but the story is good.

Justin Ralph

Ayoung girl's ability to communicate and relate to horses is exceptional and when a man toys with her affections while really pursuing her older sister the animal seeks revenge on her behalf.

Judy B.

Mediocre ghost story.

Ace O Heart

It was an okay story, but if the rich girl has been engaged that many times, you'd think she wouldn't be with this guy at all from the way he acts.


There's way too much screaming and neighing in this episode, and even though Mason Adams is strong, it's a pedestrian listen. Just okay.


Standard ghost story but worth a listen.

Dennis Sanchez

Mystery Theater is pure entertainment. I listened to it as a young girl and am sharing it with my own children. Use your imagination and expand your mind. I love all the episodes.


Emily seemed like a sweet girl before she died, but something about the way she acts as a ghost seems sinister to me. Listening to this story more closely, I get the sense that Emily is actually not very sweet at all. She acts all innocent, but I suspect that she really knows exactly what she is doing when she drives Frank crazy by haunting him. She also tries to kill him on purpose. I am not sure if she wanted revenge or if she just wanted him to be with her. Either way, she is definitely a more interesting character than she appears on the surface, lol!


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Sam Dann’s mystery story was fascinating, but also foreseeable. “Fascinating” because it has romance, money, death, a ghost, and a horse involved; interesting combination. “Foreseeable” because we knew that the villain was going to die at the finale for his hurtful deeds. This type of story would’ve been suitable for THE TWILIGHT ZONE or even THE NIGHT GALLERY. In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall begins with the classic line: “Welcome to the sound of suspense. To the fear you can hear.” But also, he’d be our Trainer regarding a horse. In ACT-1, introduce Emily Montgomery and her chestnut stallion named Spartacus. In ACT-2, the villain’s urgent plea to his dead girlfriend is “Keep away from me.” In ACT-3, the villain used to be pragmatic and sensible, but ends up terrified and delirious. In his Epilogue, hour Host/Trainer says the old expression, “Straight from the horse’s mouth.” E.G. Marshall’s helped explain the story, but his narrations were very short. The sound effects of the horse galloping, horse neighing, birds chirping, doors, footsteps, music playing in the background, tableware clinking, car engine, tires screech, thunder, car door, patrons murmuring in the lobby, wine glasses clinking, and crumbling of the note were perfectly fitting. The music was spellbinding, especially the tracks being played whenever the ghost spoke to the villain. And what was also spellbinding, was the cast: Mason Adams (as Frank), Marian Seldes (as Judy Montgomery), Paul McGrath (as Uncle Harry), Barbara Worthington (as Emily Montgomery), and Harry Bellaver (as Mac). It’s too bad that this was the only episode that Barbara Worthington and Harry Bellaver ever did. And Paul McGrath did 2 episodes; this one and #0029-THE SIGN OF THE BEAST. Both Marian Seldes and Mason Adams are a delight as always. If you enjoy ghost stories, check this story out. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


A decent ghost story about a man named Frank who through greed causes the death of a young woman by using her to get to her rich sister. Is it a ghost or perhaps a guilty conscience that causes him to see her and seal his fate? I think there are some things which we won't know until we see them the other side!


(Contains spoilers) This episode was apparently re-written several times. EG Marshall's intro is about a "thinking" horse...which has zero to do with the story, and much was made of the horse keeper being a "high IQ" physicist...which again has zero to do with the story which apparently devolved into a simple spook story...and where the bad guy insists on riding a dangerous horse at the end...for no reason.


nice adventure its kind of cool listening to this stories too bad they cancelled the series back in the 80s

bernardo A moreno

I love CBSRMT but Frank sounds like he’s 60 and Emily sounded like she was 20 something. Very distracting when the voices are 40-50 years apart when their supposed to be around the same age. Pretty good episode nevertheless.

John M

The song birds were a bit overwhelming.

Kyle H.

I forgot how much I missed mystery theater


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