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The Wishing Stone


A young girl believes an angel gave her a wishing stone. But her wishes don't turn out quite the way she intended.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 22, 1974
  • Repeat - July 12, 1974





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20 Responses to Episode 0078

Well, to be fair, nothing strange happened with the second wish. She got exactly what she wanted with no nasty consequences. Also, hate to be a stickler, but although the guy was unpleasant, he wasn't a big enough of a jerk to deserve death. Fable, Questioned supernatural occurrences.


I don't think I agree about him not deserving death. He threw his wife down the stairs and would have killed or paralyzed her if not for the wishing magic cure. Accidently? Maybe... but he was fighting with her in anger, so even an accidental killing of his wife was still WIFE KILLING! And in addition to that, he gambled the family into ruin. I'd say a wife-beater is worse than just an unpleasant jerk. Anyway, it was hard to focus on the story when I spent the whole hour irritated listening to that woman do the cloying girly voice (the kid was a teenager, and the adult actress was talking, badly, like a preschooler).


Its kind of irritating that the story piques your interest in what the nature of the "angel" is and then abandons that element for the rest of the tale. I was waiting for the angel to ask for a payment on this gift or him to come back with a moral if he was for real. I would have enjoyed it better if she had found a magic lamp with implied wishes rather than introduce a question that is never resolved.


A young girl has the ability to make wishes and impact the future. Her wishes don't always come out as she hopes. Her abusive father decides to use the stone to wish for money to assist with his gambling debts.


It takes a while to get going and finishes up in true CBSRMT fashion-no free lunches.


A little girl from a poor family cursed by a father who gambles away their every penny becomes the owner of a stone she believes will grant her wishes. In fact, it does seem to work although often with unexpected consequences. Though the story here is rather pedestrian, I found the characters interesting. Genre: Fantasy

Rina B.

A young woman acquires a stone that will make her wishes come true and she tries to use it to change her miserable circumstances. However. the wishes never turn out as she would have them. Not a particularly original idea and a horrid performance from Clarissa Blackburn make this one one to avoid.

Agatha Kim

A downtrodden family (with wonderful accents and diction!!) suffer from the father's gambling addiction. THe young daughter retreats to her special place where she is given a wishing stone by an angel that promises to answer her wishes. Basically W. W. Jacob's "Monkey's Paw" set in Podunk, Arkansas. THat short story I read to my students every year at halloween... Love the original. The episode was ok.

Valentine Lourdes

4 stars... Good listen, I enjoyed the ending. Has commercials.


And now on an all new episode of Blossom--The Wishing Stone. Honestly, the voice of Jenny became more annoying with every passing minute. The story was easy to follow and fairly uneventful until the last 4 minutes. It had a great ending which made up for an otherwise boring episode. 3 stars.


Not a very memorable episode (although the news was interesting to listen to). Three wishes, the first of which has an major unexpected consequence, the second doesn't seem to have any consequences, but the third (and last) does. Interestingly enough the brother didn't like the father and wanted to be rid of him and also didn't want him to know about the wishing stone which, in the end, helped rid the brother of his father in a twist of fate.


A cornpone "Monkey's Paw" with dialogue like "Oh, Lawdy! If my biscuits've risen, we'll just hafta set & eat."


You have to enjoy listening to dialogue like -- "My baby! You're just so sensitive! Everything touches you close like a lil ole butterfly, sitting on a leaf with your feelers reachin' out, all a-tremble.." "I like bein' butterfly... That's a pretty sorta thing to think on..." -- with the girl's part spoken in a voice just dripping with sugar and rainbow juice. As Karen said perfectly right above me, it's a "cornpone Monkey's Paw." I mean, the kids' names are "Judd" and "Jenny-Lou," KWIM? It was a good listen, though!


Another extended old Theater Five episode. A 21 minute version of this Ian Martin story aired under the same name on June 10, 1965.


What a terrible ending for sweet, little Jenny! (Spoilers ahead.) The teenage girl will blame herself forever for her father's death. Roger is right in his above comment. They didn't explore the nature of the so-called "angel" (I think he was more of a devil because the wishes often turned out bad in some way.) I think the episode would have been much better if the "angel" had shown up and actually talked to Jenny and/or the father, trying to get them to make a "deal" with him, etc. Because he never appeared, the story is more like a soap opera than a typical CBSRMT episode, which lacked enough of a supernatural element to make it as interesting as it could have been. I would have loved to hear Ralph Bell in the sinister "angel" role, lol! :D


Ughhh. Wish I could have this 50 minutes of my life back. Jenny most irritating character maybe ever?? Not the best, although the Watergate news at the beginning of the broadcast is by far best part.


Not usually my favorite kind of story, and the characters seemed extraordinarily flat, but I enjoyed it thoroughly regardless!


Well enjoyed the news and commercials. The storyline was interesting but Jenny had the most annoying voice for some reason. Tried to keep in mind she had encephalitis so perhaps impacted her behavior but the doctor said no, just to squeaky a voice for my tastes.


The first and third wishes were for personal gain. The second wish saved the mother. Pop was only out for himself and karma came calling. Jenny's voice was hard to tolerate.


A good classic ending--not all sweetness and light. Jenny's character is a little annoying unless you can imagine she's 8 years old. I wonder why CBSRMT never used young actors to play the parts of children.


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