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The Ranee of Rajputana


A copper figurine of the Indian "Queen of Thieves" traps an deceitful, mischievous stockbroker in a dangerous but prosperous career.  A robber and then tries to get him to commit a murder. When he tries to step back, his good fortune evaporates and an investor asks for her money back. But she aids him in executing another crime that might cover all his previous misdemeanours.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 24, 1978
  • Repeat - June 20, 1978





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5 Responses to Episode 0770

***SPOILER ALERT*** This is one of my favorite episodes. Don't know why. But it is a fascinating one to me as the character played by Mr. McCarthy slowly, ever so slowly, loses touch with reality. AWESOME!!! Highly recommended. Also, thanks so much for posting pics of the actors. I am totally awed by Joan Shay's ability to voice elderly women. This whole cast is superior.


I would have to rate this episode as one of the quickest and direct to the end I've heard on Mystery Theater. I mean, it was over quick. That is a good thing for radio theater that is so limited to just the sense of sound. It was a good episode; but far from great. 3 stars.


I really like this episode- I guess because it is has a psychological /supernatural theme, which are my favorites! Marion Seldes' portrayal of the Ranee of Rajputana is awesome! It is great fun as you listen to be an armchair analyst, the psychological character study of the main character is very well written. I can't stop saying "Ranee of Rajputana" all day long!


Thank you Melanie for your list. I loved all 4 you recommended. Although in my humble opinion this stands alone. The other 3 have in common- India, Earl Hammond in the same character (brilliant!) and the sketchy lead."Two Sisters" had a female lead but other than that, fit nicely in a trilogy.


I would agree with the other comments. above. This is a good, straight-forward story from start to finish with good performances.


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