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In Another Place


A rich young couple believe they they have gotten away with a crime executed faultlessly, but the police chief knows better although he doesn't have evidence.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 16, 1978
  • Repeat - June 11, 1978





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11 Responses to Episode 0765

A little predictable, but still worth a listen...


Not a bad story. The actress who played Rosetta was horrible! She took me out of the story. Also the car guy (Rosetta's husband) acted sort of stupid and got greedy. He didn't know that they would kill him too?


This episode was interesting. First, Evie Juster played two different characters. Her acting for the rich, young "adulteror" was spot on. Her acting for the poor, old woman was horrible. Fred Gwynn (Hermon Munster) has done several Mystery Theaters so far in the year 1978. His voice is almost too low and mellow. The story introduced the murderers almost from the beginning of the episode. The way that the script lead the listener to the way that they committed the murderer was creative. All said, it was really only an average episode. Slightly above average, but average. Can you rate an episode of Mystery Theater a 3 1/2?


Percy's wife's accent is horrible. She sounds like Speedy Gonzales


Similar way to solve the crime as in Honeymoon With Death 1/11/74. I picked up on it pretty quick. Still a good listen. I enjoyed it a lot.


This episode is worth a listen first for the wonderful performance of Fred Gwynne as usual. I can't even think of a bad performance from Mr. Gwynne. Second, and I came on here if anybody else figured out what accent the actress who played Percy's wife was trying to achieve. I thought she sounded like a gypsy from Romania like in one of those B movies like Boris Karloff and Frankenstein's Daughter. But then she does sound like Speedy Gonzales as well. Percy sounds like Pa from Ma and Pa Kettle who married a Mexican. Anyway, she was so terrible you should listen to this episode to hear it. The actress who played Percy's wife is unidentified, and there probably was a good reason for it. The real actors on here probably refused to be billed alongside with her!


Actually, the actress playing Percy's wife isn't uncredited at all -- it was Evie Juster playing both roles (which is why a second actress is not mentioned -- there WAS none!). And yes indeed, her accent, whatever that was she was trying for, was absolutely TERRIBLE, and your description has me laughing out loud, it's spot on! :)

Mike C

Obviously, Evie Juster did such a GREAT job YOU didn't even recognize her in character!! She was Percys wife! Look before you leap!

Trina Johnson.

I always like listening to Fred Gwynne here. I've listened to this episode a few times, and heard "The Fools" for the first time today. He was typecast on TV and in the last few films he was in during the eighties. He nailed all those roles. CBSRMT was a way for Mr Gwynne to get paid, and show us what he could do, not with his size or facial expressions, but with his voice. A taciturn sheriff, soft spoken detective, a Russian brigand, or a mining town Santa/Scrooge. His radio work should have been his legacy, not the Munsters.

Ed McGowan

59 years old? Percy sounds 20 years older. “Young couple”? Good little detective story, regardless.

Vicky H.

When I was attending San Diego State to save money I lived on a small sailboat anchored in the Embarcadero. Almost every night for six years I listened to mystery theatre whilst falling asleep. An old baytery operated AM radio was my only entertainment aboard. Now at 68 years of age I find myself enjoying the theatre once adain thanks to the keeper of this great archive...Thank You!

Jennifer Edwards

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