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The Sea Nymph


A greedy antique collector pays a deep sea diver to find an old figurine from a shipwreck. But the rather straightforward task throws up unexpected difficulties - a strange occupant dwelling in the shipwreck and a beautiful girl under the apparent care of the collector himself.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 5, 1977
  • Repeat - February 26, 1978





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2 Responses to Episode 0720

Norman Rose and Paul Hecht, two of the RMT's most distinguished leading men voices, are antagonists in a fairly interesting tale. Rose is a billionaire who has had his name on many foundations, many treasures and many wives. He's hired Hecht, who plays an ex-Navy frogman seeking to use his skills for greater profit, to dive into the Aegean sea to find a statue of a greek nymph who, according to legend, persuaded Eros (or Cupid, whatever) to fire one of his arrows into the heart of a man she wanted, but when the arrow mistakenly went into the heart of another man (who already lusted after her but who she DIDN'T want the amorous advances of) she dove into the sea to escape him forever. Rose says he can have Hecht killed any time he wants should he spill the beans on this plan (which wouldn't be looked upon kindly by the Greek government) but if Hecht agrees will pay him quite well (which, at the time of this episode, was $500 per day, 7 days a week). On arriving at the island, Hecht's character falls head over heels for Rose's "ward", a girl (played by Jada Rowland) whose father died and entrusted Rose's character with her well being. Rose makes it clear he HIMSELF is enthralled with her, and that Hecht is to stay away. Just before he starts to get enraged, Hecht's character blacks out momentarily and seems to hear, from under the ocean, the voice of the sea nymph. He's not at all sure of what he's gotten himself into. I thought this was going to be like "Fool's gold" or "Raptures of the deep", two other RMT plays that were not bad yet somewhat predictable as well. However, the three characters in this story make it stand out a bit more from the others, IMO.

Julius Abot

Good story and worth a listen, IMO.


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