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The Guy de Maupassant Murders


The sensational tale of a serial murderer is followed by a judge and his attendant. The killer seems to exclusively choose young women as his victims and leaves tantalizing notes next to their corpses. The erudite attendant tries to trace the style of writing that seems oddly familiar to her but the judge keeps aloof.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 26, 1977
  • Repeat - February 15, 1978





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8 Responses to Episode 0715

Sweet. Nice play off the Jekyll and Hyde theme! I really liked this one.

Amy G.

I love Fred Gwynn, but I can't help but think of Herman Munster saying 'grandpa'..


This episode was very good. Expected outcomes but very entertaining to listen to. I love Nat Polen from one of my all time favorites, Episode 278 "Return to Shadow Lake".

Mark W.

this episode is identical to episode 42 diary of a madman with different actors

Will D

Correction: Episode 62.

Jim D

@Will D, Yes, they did the same story with Larry Haines in the role of the insane judge. I personally think the judge in this story is creepier than Larry Haines' portrayal. Larry Haines sounds too nice somehow, lol!


Does anyone else find Fred Gwynnes "lip smacking" to be annoying as heck? I noticed it in earlier episodes and its either getting worse or I'm just paying more attention. He smacks his lips before every line.


I like to pretend Hermann Munster is just whispering in my ear. ha!


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