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The Plan


The whims of a wealthy woman leads to the demise of her favourite maid and she is wracked with guilt.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 22, 1977
  • Repeat - February 11, 1978





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6 Responses to Episode 0713

My gods! Robert Dryden, Russell Horton, Kim Hunter, and Evie Juster. It's a Dream Team!

Steve Bergman

I was o.k. with this one until the ending. The last statements of the wealthy woman led me to think that she learned no real lesson, and her husband came to her rescue, yet again.


Great voice acting an interesting story.

Gina Shackel

This is a good episode. Engrossing plot. It will keep you interested.


I thought this was an excellent episode about guilt and the coddling of the rich - how people who are never challenged on anything react when they finally are, and how easily it is for them to resume that coddled life. The question I have is whether the husband was lying about having talked to the cab driver's professor. He could've made the whole thing up in order to ease his wife's guilt and shake her out of her depression. He asks her if she wants to construct this persona of herself being a cruel, insensitive boss to the maid. Seems like she could just as easily construct an image of herself as someone who was blameless, and in fact could've done the world a favor by setting the chain of events in motion that ended in the cabbie's death.


So true-I know 1st hand,when I worked on Park Ave.,employee/worker relationships like this go on every day


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