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I Warn You Three Times


A daring attempt to clear their car windows during a snowstorm leads to the mysterious disappearance of a woman's husband. The reasons turn out to be increasingly intriguing.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 12, 1974
  • Repeat - February 7, 1974
  • Repeat - December 3, 1978






48 Responses to Episode 0007

Well, she did warn him. Poor Mason Adams plays a lovesick reporter who falls into a honey haired trap. Pretty good episode with good suspense and acting.

Bert Jones

Predictable, fatalisistic ending, and gorgeous blond witches were hardly new when this episode aired (think Samantha Stevens and Sabrina The Teenage Witch). Hero attempts to fight fate, but not intelligently. Mystery drama with questioned supernatural elements.


This is a very good episode. One of the first episodes that got me hooked on cbsrmt.


I think he fights intelligently enough, he's just overmatched. The fates -- or the witch's devilish plotting -- really conspire against our hero. This is a good episode, particularly since there are points where it's not altogether clear the ending will wrap up the way it's being telegraphed.


This is a story I always liked. The radio mystery theatre is awesome, and so is this website.


I did squeeze in this curious episode which involves a woman who is apparently abandoned in her car in the middle of a busy street by her husband during a blizzard (ironic, today). The dilemma draws the interest of a reporter, who immediately falls in love with her. This is not uncommon, says her husband, who reappears later. After all, she's a witch who can cast spells! Cue the music, and then E.G. Marshall. A four-star effort.


Great episode! Mystery storyline about an attractive woman with a hint of the supernatural thrown in. Very good acting.


"If it's Smucker's, it has to be good!" Mason Adams, as spokesperson for the brand of jams and jellies, gave the product excellent credibility. The same can be exclaimed for his portraital of a news reporter, like myself and a sucker for a beautiful gal with bewitching honey blonde hair and blue eyes There may not be a Nobel Prize for reporting, nor 'The Mystery Theater of the Mind, however there ought to be one! Great story line, even leaves the possibity of a sequel written. A script to give, to develop her character, such as a Salem past or other supernatural schenanigans. Perhaps some closure to the witchie woman's perpertual, ignorance of 'divorce', as a choice for ending a marriage. 'Always leave them wanting more'... That treasure of a performance did! The only downfall to a sequal, the passing of Mr. Mason Adams, actor.


A pretty good episode, although predictable. Joan Loring plays the role of the wife very well. She's one of my favorite performers on CBSRMT, able to switch from an innocent sound dame to a seductress with ease.


A nifty mix of strong characters with the sense of doom the series often carries.

Ritchelle Carmen

In the teaser, a man tells a newspaper reporter that he is going to have to kill his wife because she is a witch. As the episode begins, a couple is driving through slow-moving traffic in a blinding snowstorm. The police arrive because one car is blocking traffic. The officer tells the lady in the car to move it. She says she can't because she doesn't drive. She says that her husband just stepped out of the car to clean snow off the back window. The problem is, he is not nowhere in sight. He seems to have stepped out of the car and simply disappeared. When he does turn up, stories don't match, and something far more sinister starts to emerge.

Nate Panambers

Fred Peterson, a hotshot newspaper reporter, covers the story of a woman seemingly abandoned by her husband when he gets out of the car on a snowy night to clean the back window. Peterson soon finds himself strangely drawn to this woman, even though she warns him three times not to fall in love with her. When her husband finally turns up, he tells Peterson a fantastic tale about his wife's true identity and the danger that befalls anyone who dares to fall in love with her. Genre: Occult


A woman's husband gets out of the car in a snowstorm in NY City to clear the car windows and vanishes into thin air. His reasons for disappearance are compelling.


Seemed like a very limp noir story to me but with an attempt at a scary horror ending.

Benjamin Grimm

A woman's husband gets out of the car in a snowstorm in NY City to clear the car windows and vanishes into thin air. His reasons for disappearance are compelling. Loring is truly compelling in her role as the "wife". Creepy story.

Porfi Paxton

A beautiful woman and her husband experience strange events in the course of their marriage that she remembers and he doesn't. After being stranded on the street in her car claiming that her husband just stepped out to clean the window and promptly disappeared, a report becomes interested in the story, and the beautiful woman involved. The husband claims that his wife is a witch and has a history of acquiring husbands, using them up, and finding a new one to get rid of the old one and become the new husband. Of course no one believes it... until... Is it the power of the supernatural? Or just a matter of coincidence?


Love this broadcast, the acting is excellent especially the opening with EG Marshall. He sets it up perfectly just like Darren McGavin did each Friday night at the beginning of each Night Stalker episode. Mason plays the role of a reporter who does what he does best. He's after a story, only in this one he's part of it. Triple A acting on all points and even accents on wording are spot on. Makes it believable. You'll listen to this one over and over, you'll see She'll get you too... Must be the Honey blonde hair

Eddie Carlino

This episode has one of the better twist endings of the series--the growing fear in Mason Adams voice as he keeps asking her where's she from and her calmly seductive reply; "I warned you Fred ....I warned you three times!" Creepy. Witch tales are always fun and the ones about beautiful ones even more so. You have to ask yourself, just as E.G. does at the end, "How many warnings would you need?" I've never seen a photo of Joan Lorring, but she has a voice that could ensnare a man's soul. And Mason Adams does the world weary, cynical, seen it all (Or so he thinks) reporter to perfection. Tom Keena is good, too. He projects a very sympathetic character-- you feel his growing desperation and rage. He was only in 4 episodes (all during the first season) but a very good voice actor. I wonder why they didn't use him more? Nice eerie tale, perfect for Halloween, or on a cold blizzardy night........... Until Next Time.

Stelson S.

One of the better RMT witch episodes with a very eerie ending. The show ended on perfect note with the phone call that revealed the husband's warnings to be well founded. It reminds me of another episode in which a man is seduced by a witch who appears beautiful but in the end becomes a hag and he dies, if I recall correctly, in a hotel room. It was very good but I don't recall the name of the show.

Allister Litam

You may be referring to the episode "Hell Hath No Fury" in which (no pun intended) Teri Keane is a witch who assumes the beautiful image of her murdered sister to ensnare and punish the brother-in-law who slayed her. He ends up mad and delusional and eventually dies from the situation.

V. Creed

I will check it out but the episode I was thinking of involved a married man who was seduced by the witch and his wife, I remember right, was still married to him and concerned that she was losing him. I seem to remember him having a phone call with his wife late in the episode before he died. I seem to remember him taking a photograph of her.

Cindy R.

According to my Handy-Dandy Episode guide there's an episode called "Out of Focus" starring William Redfield whose plot synopsis sounds similar to what you're describing. I don't have it in my collection-- so I've never heard it. But, definately check out "Hell Hath No Fury"-- it's a good witch tale-- though I prefer "I Warn you Three Times".

Mr. Wagner

It was indeed "Out of focus", and I think the actress who played that witch was also Joan Loring. It's a pretty strong and very-relevant-to-today morality tale (although E.G.'s comments in the end of that show would have a hard time being repeated today) - This one is depressing because at the very beginning we're shown how this tale ends and it isn't good. Loring was pretty good at playing the "seductress doomed by demonic forces" for the RMT (in real life she was a striking beauty) - she also reprised the role in "The Plastic Man" and "The Voodoo Queen" (or whatever that show was where she was in New Orleans and told her doomed lover that he'd win "golden showers of prizes" - quite a strong double entendre for its day on the RMT).


I listened to "Hell Hath No Fury" on Midnight's recommendation. It was a good witch story, made especially interesting by the fact that the audience roots for the witch who is fundamentally decent. That was a nice variation on the traditional witch story. The murderer-husband was nicely done; his habit of quoting lines from literature was a nice touch. It is always a treat to run across a RMT I have never heard before, particularly a show that involves the supernatural.


Glad you liked it! It's a unique episode-- cause it's told from 3 different points-of-view --with monologues from all 3 main characters. I don't recall too many other episodes done that way.


Has anyone ever heard "Triptych For A Witch"? Wasn't there another witch story that involved a man in a blizzard who meets a witch who turns out to punish him after he decides to leave her? I seem to recall that the woman was an Eskimo or Native American. Or maybe I am crazy. There seem to have been a lot of witches in RMT.

Joyce R.

Never have heard "Triptych for a Witch". But, an epsiode called "Stay Out of Dutchman's Woods" sounds similar to the synopsis you were mentioning. Any man who wanders into "Dutchman's Woods" meets Katrina (again RMT's "resident witch" Joan Lorring) and are lured to their doom! Unfortunately, newlyweds Paul Hecht and Jada Rowland decide to take a picnic lunch into the woods........... There are a lot of RMT "witch" tales, come to think of it. Some I recall are: "The House of the Voodoo Queen" (Mentioned earlier in this thread--a good one!) "Mind Over Matthew" (a rather corny one) "Mother Love" (creepy "Rosemary's Baby" type of tale) "The Creature from the Swamp" (Not, exactly, a witch tale, but again Joan Lorring lures a man to his doom!) "The Velvet Claws" (First rate! --and once done on a episode entitled "Ancient Sorceries" on "Escape") "Woman from Hell" (A very creepy modern day tale of a coven of witches) I'd recommend them all (Except, maybe "Mind Over Matthew")

The Dragonman from Wisconsin

I really liked this one too. I kept thinking... Just answer the man... What is she up to? Nice Twist

Emily Bichara

This is a Great 5-star story from CBSRMT. She repeatedly warns the reporter but; like all men he can't see past the pretty face and honey-colored hair and doesn't take her warnings seriously. He shrugs off even the warnings of her husband about what she is capable of and regrets it in the end. Just because a woman is pretty doesn't automatically make her a sweet & nice person and incapable being nasty & evil. You only have to look at today's crop of so-called "celebrities" and "stars" to see evidence of that.


She did warn him three times, but apparently he wasn't as good of a reporter as he thought. Although you knew how it was going to end (as they tell you how it will go), it was still a good listen.


The Gift of Doom is the episode involving an Eskimo witch. RMT did a lot of quality witch themed stories.


I'm listening to the I Warn You Three Times from 1974 on CBS Radio Mystery theater. love it


Great episode!I Warn You Three Times


I listen to that episode about a month ago it's a very good one!!


This story was very interesting I don't think the lady is crazy. I think the husband is a jerk.


I rate this episode ★★★★★ for EXCELLENT. This witch story, written by Sam Dann, is outstanding as Elspeth Eric’s witch story #0736-THE THERAPEUTIC CAT. In this tale, it’s more of a Drama-Mystery instead of a Fantasy-Mystery, but very entertaining from start to finish. It was so good, I’d wish there was another episode to go with it to continue the story. Another way to Title this would be “The Honey Blonde Hair Witch” because the characters mention her hair many times. Or even “The Lovesick Trap” because that happens in the second half of the story. The music had great tracks to indicate suspense building up, especially at the 35-minute mark where things got deadly serious. The sound effects of the traffic & honking horns during the snowstorm, rotary phones ringing & dialing, footsteps, tableware clinking, people murmuring at the diner, the .32 caliber revolver being fired, and the body thud were supportive in this tale. In his Prologue, not only does E.G. Marshall say his classic introduction, “Welcome to the sound of suspense. The fear…you can hear,” but also brings up the topic of witches, only this particular one is young, beautiful, and falls in love. In ACT-1, he brings us into the story where he can’t figure people out; seeing humans as a race of lemmings. In ACT-2, after explaining what happened previously in the first Act, he asks us how our female character can be a witch. At the end of ACT-3, he says that we should always take every woman seriously. (Was that E.G. Marshall’s suggestion or was that Sam Dann’s suggestion in his writing?) In his Epilogue, he asks us if there are really witches and they warn us…3 times. Nice ending. But more importantly, our cast: Joan Loring (as Hedy Parsons: the witch) Mason Adams (as Fred Peterson: the reporter), Tom Keena (as Tom Parsons: the accountant), Alan Manson (as Lieutenant Irvin Carrol), and Sam Gray (as Officer Dennis). Alan Manson & Sam Gray were great as cops. Tom Keena was very talented to play a character filled with suspicion, distrust, and paranoia. But the ones who stole the show were Mason Adams and the remarkable Joan Loring! Mason Adams acted like Jack Webb who played Joe Friday from DRAGNET; always on the pursuit for the facts. As for Joan Loring, a perfect actress for this perfect role. I’ve made a list of my favorite actresses on CBSRMT including Jada Rowland, Marian Seldes, and Morgan Fairchild. After hearing Joan Loring perform in this, I’ve put her on my list. SPECIAL NOTE: If you have the CBSRMT Episode Guide Book, you will notice there’s a typo in the synopsis. It doesn’t say Hedy “Parsons.” It says Hedy “Peterson” as if to say she’s the wife of the reporter, not the accountant. Anyway, this witch story is worth checking out. And if you enjoy Joan Loring’s performance in this, I recommend #0053-THE CREATURE FROM THE SWAMP as she plays Undina. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =^D


Use to Listen to CBE Radio Mystery Theatre every night when I was in the military and at home. Great show.


Great twist ending! He should have listened!


Great story line. It`s fun to listen to a second time to where the things are I missed.


@ Joyce R., You're not crazy at all. There was an episode about an Eskimo witch, but it wasn't called Triptych For A Witch. It was called The Gift of Doom, and the story was as you describe.


The ending was the best part of this episode, when E.G. says "Remember, we warned you three times," lol! The rest of the episode was just kinda meh, imo. It's listenable, but not one of the best, imo.


Don't know why 100 people wouldn't like it.


Enjoyed this tale with the supernatural twist. You can almost see Joan Loring's smirk at the end when she says she warned him 3 times. Like the cat who caught the mouse.


I love this episode! E. G. Marshall's take on heeding a woman's warnings seriously is absolutely classic lol!


This was a good story, except for one thing. I am confused about the "three warnings". By her saying "I warned you" at three different times, is this some sort of curse she places on a person so that they will be involved in / forced into a killing or was it said for some other purpose? The reporter never asked the real meaning behind her words, so this mystery leaves me hanging.


I'm afraid I didn't really understand the ending. What happened? Did something happen to Fred? I'm confused.


Listening to one of the better CBSRMT called I Warn You Three Times 01-12-74. Reminds me a bit of up-to-date film Let Me In (2010). Two other episodes I listened to recently are Help Somebody #328 and The Magic Cay #512. Beautiful, haunting stories that I have thought about for many days afterwards. Written by Elspeth Eric and Ian Martin.


With a name like Smuckers it has to be good.


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