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The Together Place


A country doctor treats a woman who lives with her daughter on a remote island. The daughter has been communicating with a twin sister who lives in another dimension.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 15, 1977
  • Repeat - December 27, 1977





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9 Responses to Episode 0695

The human imitation of a barking dog makes this episode sound ridiculous. Is there any reason why sound effects from an actual dog couldn't have been used? I think not.


I want to listen to this episode because I've heard that there is a poorly-done human imitation of a barking dog. If it is such, I will be seeking a lawyer to sue for damages on behalf of The Actors Union Of Real Dog Voice Actors for violation of the Media Common Code which states that only real unionized dog voice actors are to be used in the recording industry. This has special interest to me, as I am currently holding several prestigious awards for portraying dogs who imitate human actors who do poor imitations of barking dogs.

Charles Swanley

Ha ha ha. Now you know how I feel about all the episodes with human poorly-done imitation of meowing cats.


I was just about to write the same thing, Celine! SO terrible, and they use the same one all the time, as if they only recorded one craptacular meow. Heck, *I* could do a cat better than that!

Mike C.

You are right, Mike! Poor pooches and kitties. They needed much better representation.


Some comments say that the such and such an episode is their favourite and that it is one of the best episodes. Unfortunately I nominate this episode as one of the Mystery Theater's worst. A doctor writing his diary recounts of a woman and her daughter, whom he delivered into this world. (So we assume he is an obstetrician or general practice doctor. ) He visits the daughter and finds out she is talking to an imaginary friend she calls her twin sister. Doctor then decides to become her shrink and work out her psychological problems. He leaves what sounds like his pet seal or walrus with her to keep her company. (Doctor thinks the seal is his pet dog?) Comes back later to find the girl is losing weight but isn't too concerned about her health, but wants to find out about the imaginary friend. SPOILER ALERT following. The seal/dog knows that she is dying. Girl eventually dies but the doctor wasn't too concerned to try to save her life. He is confident that the twin sister is real. It was a twin who died about an hour after being born, but the doctor didn't tell anyone of this, including the mother, and supposedly buried the body without telling the state coroner. So there you have it. the girl did have a twin sister, nine months in the womb and nobody knew except the doctor. All this was recited in the most boring of nonchalant monologues you have ever heard. Only high point was the dog that sounds like a barking seal.


Unless you want a very inaccurate herbal education (fescue is NOT an herb) and a creature that sounds like a straw squeaking in a styrofoam cup this is a complete waste of time. I have come to expect terrible writing from Elspeth Eric. Worst contributor to CBSRMT ever.


There are certain episodes where they just keep repeating the same words over and over and over. Today's words are "Kama Loca" and "Mary Mahaffey". Grab your favorite adult beverage and take a sip every time you hear either of these word pairs. You may not make it to the end, but this episode may be far more enjoyable after a few nips.


Funny you all mentioning human doing the dog barking, as I found it annoying too! They do actually have sound effects of real dogs barking and cats meowing! I don't know why they didn't feel the need to use them.

Jim K.

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