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The Gift


Rita Holland and Walter Powers accomplish a murder they have been planning for some time. They go to Rita's apartment and after she turns up the hi-fi to its loudest pitch, Walter shoots her husband, Dennis. Their explanation to the police is that Dennis was killed by a burglar trying to steal his valuable coin collection. The police begin a routine investigation, so routine that Walter, subject to hallucinations, starts believing they know he's guilty.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 8, 1977
  • Repeat - November 27, 1977





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3 Responses to Episode 0679

Very adroit tale of murder and the machinations of a greedy couple. Walter got in way over his head, as so many deluded people do. Excellent acting from Ralph Bell, as usual.


Stellar cast! Ralph Bell and Rob Dryden in dialog together is a lesson in great voice acting. Himan Brown did more than direct. He was casting director, editor, floor director, sometimes actor and had a talent for finding the right ad company. I am wondering who wrote EG Marshall’s dialog. No matter how good or bad the episode writing - EG Marshals performance and text never ever wavered from brilliant and connecting to the listener. I would guess Hi Brown may have penned some of the host’s scripts as they had a consistent feel to them. Does anyone know?

Paul Liberti

Probably Himan Brown to keep them consistent from show to show, especially since he wound up re-reading them for the NPR repeats years later.


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