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Murder One


A wealthy widow is being blackmailed by her maid for killing her husband. So she tries to frame her for her own crime.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 14, 1977
  • Repeat - October 29, 1977





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3 Responses to Episode 0665

Great show. "Fear follows crime and is its punishment" This show had very sage philosophies.


I had to listen to this episode three times before I fully understood it. Maybe it's just me. Three talented actors here and Janey plays three roles plus one impersonation. Grimes plays one role and one impersonation. Keane is masterful, as usual and I always enjoy her voice most of all. I listened to CBS Radio Mystery Theatre on AM radio as a youngster in the 1970s and I often wished that I could rewind the dialog to understand it better. Now my wish has come true. These shows are gems, but perhaps they were too weighty for me as a kid. I enjoyed these shows even when I didn't always understand them.


This was a good drama. I just wish the reveal would have come later. I was thinking Madge was the victim and would have preferred she didn’t just announce otherwise and her evil plans at the beginning of Act 3.

J. Nicolosi

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