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The Night We Died


It's con man versus con man in this sci-fi story of double-crossing and murder as a veteran of the Lunar Revolt tries to scam a war widow.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 10, 1977
  • Repeat - October 23, 1977





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2 Responses to Episode 0663

Henry Slesar wrote an interesting plot that had this potential feel, like it was developing towards a stunning climax. And it did! However, the resolution became questionable, like there was more to be said & done in this Science Fiction-Mystery and he should've written another episode to it. It was nice to hear the backstory of the war involving the Lunar Revolt at the 10-minute mark, the dark past of our main character at the 38-minute mark, and learn how some became moon rebels. Which is why the title of this CBSRMT episode should've been called "Children Of The Moon" or better yet "The Lunartics (LUNAR + LUNATICS = LUNARTICS). Anyway, our host E.G. Marshall kept us in suspense to inform us that this tale takes place in 2043 A.D. and understand to catch a thief you must think like a thief. The Epilogue, however, is still a mystery as to wonder if Earthlings will colonize the moon at that particular time period or will we colonize the moon ever. The sound effects were "out of this world". Great choice of effects, using the sounds of computers beeping, lounge music at the Neptune Lounge scene, digital beep of the doorbell, telephone radar beeping, digital printer, the laser blast the 35-minute 36-second mark, and the computer recorded message. The music, on the other hand, needed more atmospheric tunes, like the "otherworldly" music from the 41-minute mark of Ep. #0790-A MESSAGE FROM SPACE and also the "chilling" music from the 25-minute 36-second mark of Ep. #1083-WANTED, A HUSBAND. Those 2 music tracks would definitely fit into this tale. And finally, our cast: Bob Readick (as Toby Kane), Joan Shay (as Vanessa & Mrs. Sorenson), William Griffis (as Captain Moffett), and Jackson Beck (as Sam Thumbs). These 4 did portray their characters well, but did not bring out the suspense to the fullest. Once you get to ACT-3 and listen to the stunning plot point followed by the climax, their craft sounded more like a soap opera series.


My Dad was born in he "got" many radio shows as entertainment diet...he passed on the bug to me...worked radio, in 85-86...Later, when he got cancer, his PCP gave him a collection of these...means a lot to me.


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