Bob Readick (Actor)

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(11-28-1925 - 05-27-1985) Age 60

Bob Readick appeared in old time radio dramas including Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, and soap operas.

He appeared in the following 5 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
11/22/1976 0552 Meeting by Chance Waiting out the passing storm a man and woman spend the afternoon in a odd house where they mysteriously find themselves falling in love.
12/30/1976 0574 Your Move, Mr. Ellers Chess seems the perfect foil for a sophisticated jewel thief. An insurance investigator looks into the theft of several diamonds and other jewels from a jeweler. A stolen emerald and a game of chess lead him to look into the lives of three supsects: an employee; a long time member at the jewelry store; and a fence. Every character in this story is a chess fan.
02/17/1977 0602 If Mischief Follow Just as she is ready to announce her engagement to another doctor, Marion's first husband, whom she thought was dead, returns and wants to resume the marriage. He needs an operation her fiance is best suited to provide.
03/29/1977 0625 The Coldest Killer Completely enamored with her husband\'s business partner, a faithless wife and her lover scheme to dispatch the two hindrances to their affair: her nosy mother-in-law and her husband himself. 

06/10/1977 0663 The Night We Died It's con man versus con man in this sci-fi story of double-crossing and murder as a veteran of the Lunar Revolt tries to scam a war widow.

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I read that Bobby Readick died in my state's capital, Trenton, NJ, of injuries from a car accident in 1985. Anyone know any details?


Bobby Readick was born on November 28, 1925 in New York City, New York, USA. Robert Readick appeared on radio, stage, screen, and television. He got his start in childhood working on the radio. Later in life he was a regular on the television serial As the World Turns. He is known for Harrigan's Kid (1943), The Canterville Ghost (1944) and Armstrong Circle Theatre (1950). Robert played the lead character in Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar radio program (December 1960 - June 1961)


Frank Readick was the original voice of “The Shadow” opening. Any relation?

Mark Covington

Frank Readick was his dad.


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