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You Bet Your Life


An expectant father with gambling problem swears off his addiction after suffering a particularly heavy loss. However, when he loses his job, he returns to the race-track and tries to earn a living by outwitting and outplaying lady luck.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 1, 1977
  • Repeat - August 16, 1977





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7 Responses to Episode 0627

An expectant father and gambling addict swears off gambling after a big loss. But when he loses his job, he returns to the track to try to earn a living playing the ponies.

Bob Manegeable

My first thought on hearing the show the first time was: "In reality, that bookie might not last too long in his business." But I look forward to hearing this one again...

John Mina

Thanks, good show. Being a former addict, the excuses are all too familiar.


You just can't win in this place, which just goes to show . . . If you follow my word choice there. Kind of a fun show. A real and believeable description of what personal addictions are like and how they can destroy lives. Of course we have a happy ending here as our main character decides to swear off of gambling. But . . . he also did that earlier in the tale, didn't he? I've read that it is possible to make a living betting conservatively and consistantly at the races; a system similar to what our hero tries out. But I also read that it takes about 60-80 hours per week and doesn't pay much better than minimum wage would pay for that much effort. Whatever . . . That being said . . . quadruplets anyone?


YOU BET YOUR LIFE is a surprising poor showing for CBSRMT standards. Even Morgan Fairchild could not perpetuate my interest in this tremendously slow and unexciting story. Major character "Louie the Bookie" seems to speak excruciatingly slow, trying to stretch a 10 minute plot into an hour-long episode. Repetition abounds; bet after bet after bet... We get it, people with gambling addictions place bets. I'm sorry to be so negative, but there is no redeeming value here. Don't gamble an hour of your life on this long shot. For a better sample of Ian Martin's writing abilities, listen to TERROR IN THE AIR. Or, for a superb visit into the underworld, accompany Tony Roberts on a journey into blackmail in Henry Slesser's MURDER PREFERRED. I give BET YOUR LIFE the 1 star minimum - JUROR #4


The comments make it sound tedious - so I'm skipping this until I exhaust my CBSRMT resources and save it to listen to it last - because it still is CBSRMT.


Why are people bothering to note that this episode sucks? All CBSRMT episodes suck. The scripts are slap dash, the "acting" is stilted and forced and the production values are in the toilet. I never notice anymore because I just use them as white noise to help me fall asleep


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