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The Graveyard


A man mourns for his lost love who died after riding out into a rain storm to buy a new dress. He learns the truth about her in a hard way.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 8, 1976
  • Repeat - February 19, 1977





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10 Responses to Episode 0548

It seemed like a sweet love story of a man so extremely & genuinely in love, only to be crushed with the truth.


A man mourns hard for his lost love who died after riding out into a rain storm to buy a new dress. He learns the truth about her in a hard way.

Gerund Lanier

I first heard this when it aired for the first time back in '76 (I thought it was '75, but I guess time does fly). It was awesome then--one of my favorites, and I still love it today!


Such a husband would drive me insane with his own obsessive insanity. A very troubled and tragic man confesses his soul to a priest after the death of the man's beloved wife, and what a confession he has to tell! Wonderfully engaging, suspenseful, and bizarre to the very end.


Sometimes it takes an extremely extraordinary event 2 bring the truth 2 full realization & sometimes a person doesn't wanna face the truth that the event may bring, claiming that they weren't blind sided, as in the scene where the man finds the unpleasant truth in the cemetery scene.


Pierre goes to a confessional and blurts out the story of his love for Simone, whom he describes as an “angel with the insouciance, grace and beauty of a wood nymph.” It was a love to which he dedicated everything: his worldly goods, his thoughts, his life, himself. Then one day Simone becomes mysteriously ill and soon dies. Not until he visits her grave does the heartbroken Pierre learn, to his horror, the reason for her death.


Fantastic adaptation of Guy de Maupassant's classic tale. This was adapted by Elspeth Eric, and she actually did it very well. In a way, this episode reminded me of another Elspeth Eric episode, (which I actually hate), which is called "The Deadly Hour" where a man goes to a psychiatrist to confess a horrible crime he committed in the past. This episode was done in a somewhat similar style, with Norman Rose (again) in the leading role, only this time, the man in this story goes to a priest to confess his sins. Despite it being similar in the way it was put together, and the character that Norman Rose plays, it was done so MUCH better than "The Deadly Hour" and it was a much better story. So, what could have been a horrible repetition of of that sick story ("The Deadly Hour") turned out to be fascinating and listenable because it was different enough to be tolerable. Norman Rose is in top form, playing the role of a man obsessed by his "true love" who is secretly betraying him by having affairs with other (probably much younger) men. He didn't want to face it while she was alive, but after she dies he finds out the truth when the dead arise one night to write their sins on their tombstones. (Too many spoilers, lol!) This story could have been ruined by bad acting, or if Elspeth had taken too many liberties, but thankfully she didn't ruin it, and all of the actors were excellent and pulled it off really well. The character that Norman Rose played could have driven any woman mad with his possessiveness and obsessive love, (which is probably why she cheated, lol), but somehow Norman Rose manages to make the character someone you could still empathize with. Now that's acting!


I think Simone just stayed with the older man so that she could live in luxury and be cared for. She was a vain, little brat who was totally using him and he was a sucker. There is one thing I am wondering about this story. (Another radio station is bleeding through the recording throughout much of first act. It is very annoying and distracting. I hope someone can fine a copy with much better sound quality.)


Good story, but a lot of bleed over from another episode in the background, and hard to listen well. Same usdue with orevioys episode, among others.

Jim K.

I’d love to listen to this episode but I can’t get over the background noise. I tried to find a cleaner version elsewhere but no luck.

Nathan Bitzer

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