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A Magical Place


Elinor and Timothy Elkins, a middle-aged couple, revisit a house they rented as newlyweds to see if they can rekindle their marriage and find it for rent again. Shadows from the past bring life back to their dead marriage when they encounter another couple they can hear, but not see.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 10, 1976
  • Repeat - December 4, 1976





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9 Responses to Episode 0516

As I was listening to CBS Radio Mystery Theater's, "A Magical Place", from 1976, there was an ad from Ford, pushing it's van with bubble windows, platform bed and *gasp* wall to wall shag carpeting! Oh. My


couple seek out the memories of their youth by renting the cottage in which they spent their honeymoon. They hear voices of a younger couple apparently enjoying the place as they once did. Then the episode gets stupid. Paraphrased: Oh, dearest... I love you truly and deeply, but perhaps I don't and I have psychic powers that I never knew about before and those powers are causing me to move things with my mind without me knowing..." Blah, ridiculous episode.


What a fantastic story about losing touch with youth and trying desperately to capture it again. There are some stories that grab hold of my imagination and there are some that don't. A MAGICAL PLACE is one that I relate so much with. Putting the pieces back together and not losing the innocence that youth brings with it is one of the keys of staying young at heart.

Vinny Viola

Haha, I found all of the previous comments useful. First of all, the decadent Ford van would have suited the couple in the drama in their youth, haha. The episode did lapse into silliness, and I was disappointed---youth could not bear older people tampering with their "happiness." Yet, I did like the idea of actually remembering the way things really went . Now that I am closing in on 60, I do wonder about my memories and how accurate they really are. Probably not too accurate at all. It IS hard to recall how you felt and how impetuous you could be at an earlier age.


Hmm, it did start out as a good story, but it did decline into nonsense at the end (as Barry stated and quoted). I thought it wasn't a very good one overall because of this (Elspeth was usually hit an miss with her stories). I did find the Ford van ad quite funny - "Yes, this is who I am". The description of the van makes me think of creepy people leering at women and trying to get them into the back of their van. Perhaps (?) it was viewed differently then, I don't quite remember.


Bob, your comment reminded me that I actually got to sit in one of those vans with bubble windows and shag carpet because it was on display at a car show at our ___ City Exposition building. I think it was even 1976 or 1975. It was so cool mainly because the carpet gave a rich sound to the powerful sound system which could rival a movie theater sound. The van's outside doors even had an oil painting that would rival Michelangelo or Matisse. Those were the days. I wonder if any of those vans are still around today.


I got the underlying message. Not silly at all. As we live we gain somethings as we loose others. You live life only once, you cannot go back. You can cherish and bring back what you lost if you love it and love doesn't age only the body. To act out youth in love is only as close as rembering it. Fact remains old age is the second childhood. We relive in our hearts and minds in the golden years as we lived and felt it in youth. Good lesson in life between young and old. I loved it.

Gary Mize

William Redfield- I always loved him. At about 7:28 in A Magical Place, you can hear him say "For Pete's Sake." Could that be a nod to his movie, For Pete's Sake, 1974? I can picture him in the room negotiating with Himan Brown, "May I change that line from Golly to For Pete's Sake?"


That happened all the time with the actors


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