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The Tell-Tale Corpse


Ernie and Sid, just out of prison, visit the Aunt of ex prison-mate Ted because she has a key that opens the second lock of a chest that contains $100,000. They have the other key. Complications occur after they kill Aunt Grace to get her half of the loot -- she refuses to stay dead.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 13, 1976
  • Repeat - December 5, 1976





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4 Responses to Episode 0517

Criminals having murdered another prisoner while in jail have taken a key from the dead man to a chest in the possession of his curmudgeonly aunt who has the other key needed to open the chest in which are the proceeds from a bank heist. The chest is in the attic of a cottage the aunt has rented for the last two years but this year other people are on ther way for the summer.


This is a classic example of how good CBSRMT can be. I think the best episodes always seem to have a little element of the supernatural in them.


A pretty good supernatural tale. I'm just surprised that E.G. didn't make a quip about possession being 9/10 of the law.


Ernie Blake and Sid Sullivan, just out of jail, are the happy possessors of a key given them by a fellow inmate, now deceased. The dead man’s Aunt Grace has the other key needed to open a chest that holds $100,000 in stolen cash. When they find the chest, with Aunt Grace’s help, the two kill her and stuff her body into their auto’s trunk. But Aunt Grace, who wanted her share of the loot, has no intention of allowing Sid and Ernie to keep it all for themselves.


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