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Vanity Dies Hard


Planning out the perfect crime and pinning the blame on his cheating wife is a piece of cake for a slick police detective. Life gets even better when he is called on to the case to help solve it!



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 2, 1976
  • Repeat - August 18, 1976





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13 Responses to Episode 0461

Neat twist ending. Did not guess at all.


Total surprise ending! Great episode! Loved the commercial breaks in this one, too!


An arrogant mystery detective pulls off the perfect crime against his wife's lover. Now his cheating wife must answer for the crime while he helps the police "solve" it.

Frank Hector

A popular and successful mystery author is so well known that he is often hired by police to assist in detective work. With he and his wife leading basically separate lives he is not surprised when she asks for a divorce to pursue a relationship with another man. He is at first sympathetic, but then changes his mind threatening to kill the love interest and frame her if she doesn't break off the relationship. When she refuses, he begins to plot the perfect murder and frame-up.


Decent show! I liked the commercials here most of all. A lot of ones I haven't heard since I was a kid. Anyway, I guess "The Perfect Crime" does exist. Nice twist at the end.

Chip Mueller

Interesting show. At first I thought the listener was being geared toward sympathy toward the husband, considering her mockery and laughter at his anger when he was told of her infidelity. I was surprised at the end. I was expecting his vanity to cause him to make a critical error causing him to be "found out". His admission was something I didn't expect, given his mission of revenge. I enjoyed the show, it held my interest.


Nice show and one I hadn't heard before. And I like the twist at the end with the perp. coming forward. It's real in the sense that . . . fact is stranger than fiction, and the improbable, considered a no-no in most drama . . . is in fact the sort of thing that does happen in real life. One sorta logical oversight: why not show the ear-witness the play script of the show our heroine is rehearsing, and ask her if those are the words she heard? Of course they are the words, and that would be good courtroom stuff indeed. Of course it would sort of wreck the flow of our story. As you may know, I work in theatre. And the events of this story are commonplace. We regularly kill each other off as the whim strikes us. Fresh blood we call it. It's a dog eat dog world out there.


I liked this show up until the end. I'm not going to spoil the ending but I find it hard to believe. The title is a good one ....talking about vanity. The acting was top notch....vanity takes over and this episode ends justifying its title.


I also was quite engrossed right up to the end. Other than the end I'd give it a 10 out of 10. I loved it. The end was very abrubt and I thought highly unrealistic. Overall though I'd say a very enjoyable listen for sure.


A decent story whose title does describe it well. However, I do agree with Joven that the ending was a bit abrupt and somewhat unrealistic. As with the others I did enjoy the commercials. I was just joking with checkout lane clerk about "You deserve a break today...", but realized that McDonalds hasn't used that jingle since the 70's I think. It must have been good if I still remember it all these years later...


This guy was so vain and in need of ego nourishment that he just had to reveal how he orchestrated this whole thing, because all seemed fooled by it. His need for recognition was greater than the need to be let off the hook! Big ego!


Yes, it sure did have a quick twist ending. Almost a lot of work to listen to for little ole me!

Scooter D and the kush

Wow, what a very good CBSRMT. Well acted, written, entertaining. If you love a perfect mystery, twist ending, and moral to the story; this episode is for you.


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