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Time Killer


Playing with a theory on the fluidity of time, a college professor accidentally transports himself back to the period before the Great Depression. His interference with the time-space continuum alters his future drastically.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 5, 1976
  • Repeat - August 20, 1976





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17 Responses to Episode 0462

The first rmt episode I ever listened to, after that I was a regular listener. While all of them weren't(in my opinion)up to the quality of this episode I'm now enjoying all of them thanks to this great site!

Ralph Bonacci

Edwin Quainlin, a professor of parapsychology (is there such a thing?) becomes so obessed with the notion of time travel that he finds he is able to will himself back into his past. In so doing, he must confront a terrible mistake he has run from all his life. Another good time travel episode. Genre: Science Fiction

Tricia D.

A college professor tests his new theory regarding the fluidity of time and is able to transports himself back in time prior to the Great Depression. He gets himself into trouble that will have ramifications for his future.

Raffy Tibor

A professor of parapsychology is convinced that through concentrated application of sheer will, one can traverse the realm of space and time. Out with his student/love interest he pines for the days of prohibition when the speakeasy's were the places to be. He also appears to have something in his past that he would like to fix. He suddenly finds himself back in the past with full knowledge of the future. Meeting up with another patron of his favourite bar, he raises interest and some suspicions when he shares his information.


I was almost certain you were going to post "The Fourth Reich," seeing as it is Hitler's birthday. Perhaps the anniversary of his death would be a better occasion.


Yeah I thought the same! Well at any rate, I'll download this one and post back once I've given it a few listens.

Lander V.

Definatly good mystery! Great choice for mystery of the week and a great mp3. I shall definatly be downloading more from this site in the future.

Joey Mead

I love time travel episodes, and this one was pretty well written. Thanks!

Hubert W.

This was one of the best mystery scifi episodes. Loved it!!


This was an okay story for me even though I enjoy science fiction. I guess I thought about it too much and wasn't happy with the logic of the story. Still an okay listen.


I enjoyed the atmosphere the production created. But, I have to wonder why the professor did not just check newspaper archives to be sure about what happened and then maybe go back and stop himself. It would create a paradox I suppose.


Pawel, I think the clue to why the archives WOULDN'T report the event was in Qualin's own words "in ANOTHER PLATEAU OF TIME it could turn out I killed a man". The only way he could be on that plateau was through artificially transplanting himself there.

Ralph Bonacci

I normally don't argue against time travel, but since he tried to make it scientific, any time you try to change time the earth would be in a different place in the universe and you'd end up in space.

Roger Huggett Jr.

I make the same point all the time in sci-fi circles!


One of the best


Really like this episode, although I have to admit the ending is confusing. I wonder if there's any way to discuss the ending without people having the ending spoiled? I have my theories, and I'm wondering how to discuss them without ruining the episode for others. It's definitely worth listening to. By the way if you like Mandel Kramer who is the star of this episode check him out as the last and second best Johnny Dollar on the long running series, Yours Truly Johnny dollar!


Great episode, the story was good and kept you interested. Also the recording was good and easy to understand. My hearing isn't all that good anymore and I can't make out the words on some the muffled ones.

craig miller

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