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The Patient Visitor


After being paid a visit by a past love, Judge Justin Travers vows to help Muriel Parks as a lawyer. Despite her father donating huge amounts of money and real estate to the old folk's home, Mrs. Parks is being refused admittance due to the fact that she cannot raise the $500 fee. Troubled by an ailing heart, Judge Travers is determined to win this last case.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 23, 1976
  • Repeat - July 14, 1976





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3 Responses to Episode 0436

A pretty good drama - a lawyer staves off death for another day to help his first love. Too bad it puts lawyers in a better light...


I was born in 1974, and literally, the first memories I have include the squeaking door sound-effect and music from CBS Radio Mystery Theatre. My mom listened to alot of CBS Radio, and she must have had it on every Saturday night. Thank you for bringing these memories back and for making these episodes so accessible. I am now, and have been for about a decade, a huge fan of old time radio. I grew up on it (though admittedly I was way to young to understand the stories), and now my kids are growing up listening to the same sounds I did. The squeaking door never scared me, and now only entertains and brings back memories of being in a snug kitchen at night with my mom listening to the radio. Thanks so much!


Nice story about a lawyer seeking to see that a small justice is done before he does. Good acting, nice plot, very good sound quality. Thank you for sharing all.thead episodes publicly.

Kathy D

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