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Castle Kerfol


On a tour of a British castle, an American tourist is suddenly attacked by a pack of dogs. She is sheltered by a neighbor and there discovers the castle's history and the origins of its strange guardians.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 30, 1976
  • Repeat - June 19, 1976





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6 Responses to Episode 0423

A well known fashion designer buys the Castle Kerfol to achieve some solitude and quiet in her life. Upon entering the grounds she discovers the place deserted save for a strange group of dogs. Picking her up her estate agent is surprised at what she has encountered and relates an old ghost tale. She begins to read through court records of a trial involving the former residents with whom she feels a particularly close connection.

Jimmy Rhodes

The "Suddenly attacked by a pack of wild dogs" is hilariously wrong, but episode is still pretty good.


Edith Wharton provides something of a feminist twist on the Gothic tale as a wealthy woman learns the sordid history of the castle she's decided to buy to "settle down." The story-within-a-story of a previous tenant's helplessness in the face of betrayal and murder causes her to rethink her choices in more ways than one. A solid episode.

Matt Sandwich

I agree with Mike that the description of "suddenly attacked by a pack of wild dogs" is inapt. However, the story was still fairly good, although the return of the necklace was never explained.


The plot description should read a woman is greeted at the French Castle by a pack of quiet and timid dogs. Castle Kerfol is a French not a British Castle.


The worst combination possible. Mercedes McCambridge in an Elspeth Eric adaptation. Dreary writing and a lead actress in her 50s whose raspy cigarette warped voice is portraying a women in her twenties. As Leonard Pith Garnell would say, "Simply awful".


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