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The Lady of the Mist


It is said that the pool in which the Lady of the Mist waterfall cascades into reviles all who attempt to usurp the place of Meg Drayton, lady of the Manor. Her Brother Charles' first wife fell into the lake and was never seen again. Ten years later, he has returned with a young wife who plans to take over the manor. Enraged by their presumption, Meg concocts a scheme to fulfill the myth of the Lady of the Mist.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 21, 1976
  • Repeat - June 13, 1976





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5 Responses to Episode 0419

Estranged siblings are brought together when he and his new wife moves in with his sister into the family's large estate home. The sister is particularly possessive about the place and not interested in having anyone else around. The wife is more interested in putting some modern and personal touches to the old place and steps on the sister's toes many times with her largesse. Of course, in this situation, despite the size of the house, there is only enough room for one of them.


Marian Seldes shines as the brittle, nerves-on-edge, young wife while Rosemary Murphy oozes both charm and poison as Meg Drayton. There were some minor problems with the audio on this one, but the story and the actors compelled me to listen to the end to find out who would succumb to insanity's clutches and become the next victim of the 'Lady of the Mist'.


"Who will be the lady of the house? Listen to find out." Of course, that sounds like a promo for a reality show but it basically describes the story.


Another Wu banger! Who will get drawn under the water’s currents in The Lady of the Mist? Meg?

Scooter D

I didn't like this one. It seems like a story I've heard many times--stereotypes of the bitter spinster and the naive young wife. The conclusion wasn't a surprise, either.


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