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The Elixer of Death


Seeking refuge from the noise of the city, a doctor moves to the country for a quieter life. His new-found peace is shattered when he discovers that the lynch pin that holds the village's economy together is a strange drink-- a drink whose ingredients could prove fatal.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 14, 1976
  • Repeat - June 9, 1976





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9 Responses to Episode 0416

Very absorbing.Couldn't wait to hear the final outcome.

Michel David

Good episode. A doctor tries to escape city life but encounters a big surprise. Well written and well acted. Solid 4.


Story went nowhere - but it was pretty good up until the end. 2 stars.


A fairly good story about a doctor wanting to leave the city and live in the country. He finds in the country that his integrity is tested, ultimately at the end we find out how much.


Henrik Ibsen? Never heard of 'im. "An Enemy of the People" gets the CBSRMT treatment, and it still comes across fairly well. The plot device of a doctor who wants to get away from it all doesn't quite work-- how could he move to a new home with a new office in a new town and be unaware of its sole source of revenue? But the performances are adequate, and it's at least stealing from the best. Ibsen's core conceit still makes for potent drama, and make this a decent (if not great) episode.

Matt Sandwich

I do actually enjoy the radio commercials that are sometimes left in an episode. They bring up some interesting memories since these first aired when I was in college and into early work life. Like the mortgage bank commercial near the end that bragged about a 13.8% interest rate. Yep, our first house mortgage was 14%!


Strange story. A doctor in a modern city hospital wants to get away from modern life and become a country doctor in a small town where he mostly will go out fishing in the fishing hole. He finds the town bottles a strange elixir. Possible Spoiler alert following. He sends it to the city lab for analysis where they have never seen this ingredient before. They don't know what it is! They call it substance X. But they do know whatever it is it could harm or kill people with protein deficiencies. Doctor orders the factory shut down. The townspeople say that they have been bottling it for 80 years and nobody has been made sick by it yet. The doctor who wanted to get away from it all backs the scientists and shuts down the plant, mainly on the scientific belief that the unknown substance could kill people with low protein. Later the doctor who himself suffers from low protein, finds out that the food he has been eating all the time in the town was made with the elixir! Doctor then doesn't die, marries the girl and lives happily ever after, and so the story ends.


Boring. I kept waiting for something interesting or mysterious to happen, but it didn't.


That doctor was 50 years before his time. Ready to shut down the plant on a suspicion. Lock down time!


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