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How Quiet the Night


After learning that his former flame is pregnant with his child, a man resorts to violence in order to safeguard his current betrothal. Before long, he begins being haunted by his deceased lover's ghost.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 8, 1975
  • Repeat - May 16, 1976





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Nice ending!


A man murders his former lover when she confronts him with a pregnancy and threatens to ruin his current engagement. She torments him from beyond the grave with a haunting love poem she once wrote for him.

Gerbee J.T.

A small-town man with aspirations for greater things jilts his small-town lover for a rich big-city debutant. When the old girlfriend shows up pregnant, he will go to extreme lengths to protect his investment.


Not too bad of a story. I did like that the neurosis did not show up until the sheriff said it would. Not a very nice person.


Ambitious Russell Porter, intent on marrying wealthy Sibyl Malone, jilts his hometown girlfriend, Corajean Buxton, who is pregnant with his child. Enraged by his decision, Corajean warns Porter that she will never let him go so he, out of desperation, kills her. Even after Sheriff Mayberry accuses him of murder, Porter feels no remorse for what he did until he begins to wonder if he should have taken heed of her warning, literally.


Corajean isn't too bright. He rejects her and tells her how he hates small towns, and the next minute he tells her he loves her and that small towns are for him. She should've known he was planning to bump her off. He changed too quickly. The actors did a pretty good job with the story in general. Anyone notice that Patricia Elliott and Marian Seldes sound very similar? It was hard distinguishing their voices sometimes.


Well, on second thought Patricia Elliott's voice and Marian Seldes do sound different.


I'm Gen X and my family thinks it's great I listen to these old shows, but no one else I know are into these shows. I am listening to CBSRMT for a second time, in order, during the day while working or doing chores, but I was looking for something new to listen to at night. I tried "Inner Sanctum", Himan Brown's earlier show from the 40s and I just couldn't get into it. I tried "The Whistler" and I still wasn't into it. I love "Dark Fantasy" but it was only on for 2 seasons and I've practically memorized my favorite episodes. Then came "Quiet Please" -- I've listened to 2 episodes and I'm hooked. The episode "A Night to Forget" (linked) is so fun and suspenseful. Great writing and acting. I'm realizing now, going back and listening to suspenseful tales from the 40s and later, how great the writing, acting and sound effects were from the CBSRMT team. We are so fortunate that Himan, E.G. and many of the writers and actors had such great collective talent and decided to bring a suspenseful radio show back in the 70s.


A good 'it always comes back to you' story! Nicely done by the actors.


Another great episode from CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

Gemini lady Jackson

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