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Under Grave Suspicion


A bitter fight between a couple. A sea side cottage. And turbulent weather that threatens to turn into a hurricane.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 14, 1974
  • Repeat - May 3, 1974





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28 Responses to Episode 0038

Brings new meaning, I suppose, to "Insane With Jealousy." The crime is solved via act of God, although forensics do play a role. Crime drama, no supernatural elements.


A man whose wife has become unfaithful finds himself in a growing rage as a hurricane bears down on a seaside cottage that he has gone for a confrontation. His worst fears are realized when he surprises she and her lover, and lives out his rage. Nothing special, but not boring either.


Mystery Theater used several themes consistently, and this episode was no different. The "unfaithful spouse" theme always seemed to evoke strong emotions from its listener. This one seemed to ask the question, "Is it ever alright to return violence to an adulterous spouse?" This was a so-so episode which was mostly narrated by the central character. It lacked some of the strong dialogue between characters that Mystery Theater was distinguished for.

Davy Joe

It was ONE episode out of 1,399 lol...relax my friend! I enjoyed it. I loved how Ralph Bell carried his intense "freak out" character until the very end! Even after his climax he still maitained his obsessive and maniacal persona.

Trina Johnson.

I used to listen to these mystery episodes in the 70's and 80's -- wonderful to find them here on line -- they are great-the acting, sound effects, background mood music ... only problem is that I wish the tales were not mostly about killing and death ... as good as they are, I prefer stories that are not filled w/horror, madness and murder...they can be just as thrilling - I guess that there has always been - and will always be an appetite for fear and bloodshed.


There were plenty of CBSRMT episodes that weren't about death and murder. They redid old classics, they had drama episodes, and even some comedy. There is something for everyone.


Well said Miss Amy 100% right. One just needs to browse the episode of 1,399! There is definitely something for everyone!! Pleasant dreams!....

Trina Johnson.

Tremendous atmosphere, all closed in and buried. But a storm exposes madness and futility.


Thomas Drake and his wife are two yuppies (or "moderns" as they said in -70s lingo) with an open relationship. But Drake discovers he can no longer abide his wife, Mary-Anne, seeing other men. When Drake discovers Mary-Anne at their lakeside cabin with another man, his rage gets the better of him and kills them both. He realizes he must bury the bodies, but what if one of the neighbors spots him and what of the huge storm that is heading his way? A pretty typical psychological tale of a man pushed over the edge. Genre: Suspense

Hazel T.

A couple's marriage is under strain while a college professor's wife is having an affair. He kills them both and is then is stranded by a hurricane.

Paul Azana

Boring story that Ralph Bell can't save with a decent performance.

Maxine Alvarado

A man catches his wife in a sexual affair with another man and murders them both. He tries to cover it up. The police try to uncover it. Dull story with a flat ending.


this was a pretty good story!

terence jones

The first-person narrative was a new angle that brought some good color to the story. I liked how the police weren't portrayed as bumbling idiots, knew exactly what was going on but didn't attack it head-on. Hints, innuendo, foreshadowing--all conspire to move a man to hysteria. Not any big twists, really, just a slow, inexorable advance to the inevitable conclusion. Still very listenable.


Thomas Drake or his wife are quite silly if they thought it could work out as a marriage when she had a wandering lust. She really should've never married him (although it begs the question of why she wanted to marry at all).


Ralph Bell could read the phone book and it would sound great. I very much liked this simple, straight forward murder story. Wonderful dark setting and mood. Would make a great Alfred Hitchcock Presents. First person narrative was nice.

Tom d

I must agree Tom. His voice is as good as his delivery, very well done. I especially enjoyed the sound effects and background sound scenes. I felt just like i was at tge beach with him!

Trina Johnson.

This has always been one of my favorite episodes, which includes one of Ralph Bell's greatest radio performances. He plays the part of a man, insane with jealousy, who murders his wife and her lover and tries to bury them during a storm. His character is so pathetic and I actually find myself not wanting him to get caught, lol! His acting skills are especially good at the end, when he cries with desperation, as he tries (and fails), to cover the bodies of his murdered victims. I find myself wanting him to be declared "not guilty by reason of insanity". The music in this episode is very chilling and perfectly sets the mood.


Under Grave Suspicion is my favorite. I went out to Montauk last month and listened to it on the beach.


Stormy weather!! Now we're not together- or are we? By the sea? When trouble erupts I'm sure you'll agree nothing tops this cbs mystery!


I wanted to add another comment on the writing, as I'm listening to this particular episode again. Anyone notice how poetic and descriptive the writing is for this episode? Ralph Bell's narration, as well as the host's descriptive narration, in between the dialogue is so well written that you can see every scene so clearly. I think that's one reason this is one of my top favorite episodes. It is so VERY well written. I was surprised that this same writer wrote two other episodes that I disliked, but with this one he hit the jackpot. I wish he had written more for the series because he might have turned out more episodes like this. Even though the acting is great in this episode, I think the actual writing of the script is partly what make it outstanding. As for the acting, Ralph Bell really carries the episode well. My favorite line is when he says to Mary Ann "will you marry me?" He sounds so pathetic, how could she say "no", lol? Stellar acting, imo. As mentioned earlier, I love the use of the mysterious theme with the violins. It comes at just the right moments and during the right interludes. It's a perfectly done mystery.


My only gripe with this episode is that Emory (the other man) doesn't seem very grief stricken when Ralph Bell's character kills the woman he's been having an affair with. Just a minute before that he was telling her how "crazy" he was about her, and when she's murdered right in front of his eyes by the husband, his reaction doesn't seem like a man who was very much in love. He's so cool and calm, all things considered. I guess that's one reason for the husband to hate him even more, lol! Richard was just using his wife but he didn't really love her.


Masterful sound work makes you feel like you're sitting in a chair at the beach. Loved this one.


Good episode and sound effects! Trapped by hurricane and guilt and no way to escape. Why he would marry someone who was unfaithful is beyond me!


This was one of Ralph Bell's best performances. Loved the descriptive writing.


Well said Anne I must agree. This episode is in my top 3 of the 1,399. Ralph Bell was fantastic as well as the story itself. The descriptive writing and sound effects really made you feel as if you were actually there. Anyone who has lived on a shoreline I'm sure appreciates that aspect as well especially since the entire story takes place there! Lol...Pleasant dreams.....

Trina Johnson.

It’s not real Amy, just sayin. Pretty good episode all around but they turned the storm volume up a bit too high, was hard to hear some of the ending. 6 out of ten…


Really liked this one.


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