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Killing Valley


In order to exact revenge against the people that ruined her father's life, a famous writer goes back to the place of her birth to dig up dirt on the town and its people. As she goes along, she is surprised to discover things that she never knew about her parents.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 7, 1975
  • Repeat - April 18, 1976





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4 Responses to Episode 0375

This program also contains a teaser at the front featuring two of the characters but it does not appear in the program and the dialog is not correct for what happens in the program. I'm not sure why that is - but to continue... Killing Valley is the name of a small town. It's obviously named for the family of the town's leading citizen, the elderly Josiah Killing. A native of the town, a young lady, has written her first book. It is a best seller and her publisher is clamoring for another work to be produced. She decides that her second book will be an expose of her hometown and she is most eager to write it in order to open closets full of skeletons. Needless to say, when word gets out about her plan, and then she returns to the town to actually write the book, she is received with less-than-open arms. A few more variables make this an interesting episode.


A successful authoress returns to the small town where she grew up to get revenge on the powerful people who destroyed her father. She starts research to write a tell-all about the town, and learns some unexpected facts about her father and mother.

Mon Dupont

An author uses her success to exact revenge on an entire town. Her birthplace, she feels, turned their backs on her father causing him a life of hardship and his eventual death. She means to write an exposé on every on of them and receives a less-than-warm welcome when she returns home to do some research for the book.


This was a fairly good dramatic story. The ending is still a little hazy for me, but still overall a good listen. Also, a very unusual last name I thought (and no, I didn't do a internet search for the last name).


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