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Desperate to end her husband's miserable life, a woman starts to plot his demise in her slumber.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 5, 1975
  • Repeat - February 1, 1976





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5 Responses to Episode 0339

This episode features Tammy Grimes who would later be a host of CBSRMT. A woman's is 35, her rich husband is 70. He talks incessantly in an analytical fashion about every detail of any subject of discussion to annoying degrees. She hates it. She starts walking in her sleep and as a result he insists that she visit a doctor for help. When she does, she startles the doctor with the revelation that she is going to kill her husband.

Tamara Jones

A woman so badly wants to kill her husband that she begins to conspire in her sleep, making it hard to construct alibis.

Job Askanison

Mrs. Wooster has to be the least likeable character I have encountered in all of the CBSRMT episodes thus far. Thoroughly detestable. Other than that, the episode was a dandy.


Another self-centered person getting themselves into a predicament, getting offered a way out of it, and getting themselves in worse. This wasn't too bad of a story especially considering I thought the first time she was sleepwalking she was faking it.


I liked this story. It was sort of comical but I've heard of people actually doing things while they sleepwalked. Some of the most seemingly farfetched things turn out to be the most believable. Until next time.....pleasant dreams(LOL).


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