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To Die Is Forever


In order to save his dying wife from terminal cancer, a wealthy eccentric gives orders to have her cryogenically frozen until a cure is found. His plans to accompany her in deep freeze is disrupted when the ghost of a deceased relative takes possession of his body.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 7, 1975
  • Repeat - December 20, 1975





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6 Responses to Episode 0322

A rich eccentric plans to have himself and his terminally ill wife cryogenically preserved until a cure his found for her cancer. However, his plans go awry when his body is overtaken by the spirit of a dead relative.

Alfred Moore

The richest man in the world is grief-stricken when his wife is diagnosed with a fatal illness for which there is no known cure. His wife’s sister is a doctor of psychology and her husband is the rich man’s assistant. They are summoned to a private location where the man intends on sorting his affairs before he joins his wife in a cryogenic sleep to wait out a cure.

Jeremy Bushong

An interesting look back to the 70s when cryogenic freezing of people was thought to be the next big thing. I'd think it's probably still around today, but I do wonder how extensive it is being used. Of course as far as I know no one (or animal) has been successfully been brought back to life after being frozen, but still an interesting idea. In this episode there is also the question of whether there really was a supernatural element or just insanity. Overall it was a good listen.


This story is based on the early 70's supernatural soap opera "Strange Paradise". The names of the characters are different as is the name of the island, but the story and situation is the same. If you remember John Paul Desmond and his beautiful deceased wife Erica along with her sister, the housekeeper Raxl, etc, this story will sound very familiar.


Although the cryogenic idea showed promise, the storyline of the possession was COMPLETELY absurd. I would not have guessed this was an Ian Martin tale.


I expect better of Ian Martin. Very banal.


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