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Murder Will Out


In order to exact revenge on the man who murdered his father, a police officer from New York travels to Maine in search of the killer. He is forced to examine his values and beliefs when he finally finds him.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 3, 1975
  • Repeat - November 6, 1975





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10 Responses to Episode 0302

Straight mystery about a cop out to find the man who killed his father almost 30 years in the past. (Stars: Mason Adams) Ending almost sabotages this one.


A New York detective goes to Miami in search of the man who killed his father (also a New York cop) 25 years ago. When he finds him, he is forced to re-evaluate his desire for revenge.

Meek C.

A policeman is seen to be a little trigger-happy and is sent on leave after shooting a young boy under circumstances that did not warrant that level of force. He also seeks to avenge the murder of his father, himself a policeman killed in the line of duty 25 years earlier. He decides to track down his father's killer while on leave but finds more than he bargained for.


This was a decent listen but of course dated now with the prevalence of cell phones. I'm surprised that someone hasn't had the idea of having an online phone book for cell phones (numbers change all the time so a printed one wouldn't make sense) - of course that may have made the detective's job more difficult in this story.


Really enjoying this hardboiled plot with me trusty pinch hitter!

Scooter D

Great story line. I Loved the ending!

Dayna Barber

Detective Joe Lombardi, who seriously wounds a young punk he mistakenly thinks fired at him first, is told by his superiors to take a month's vacation. Lombardi decides, against all advice, to use the time to track down the man who had killed his policeman father. His investigation leads Lombardi, gun in hand, to Miami Beach, where he finds the daughter of his father’s alleged killer. Her story of what really happened 25 years ago is a startling revelation to the trigger-happy cop.


A good listen!


I'm just noticing now that many of the episodes are from a radio station on Seattle. This 1975 show is a tale of children bearing their father's sins. A young detective seeks his father's killer in hopes of finding peace. Seems that, in the end, he finds it.

Kathy D

Amazing Episode! Definitely one to keep in a rotation for later 🐈‍⬛


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