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Just One More Day


On his last day on the beat, an old cop has premonitions of his own death in a shoot-out. On the very last day of duty, an aged police officer has the foreboding of his own death in a shooting match.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 29, 1975
  • Repeat - September 17, 1975





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11 Responses to Episode 0282

I'd been wanting to hear Just One More Day for awhlle. Theodore Bikel's presence really makes this show. Thanks for this site.

Pat Flannagan

A neighborhood beat cop who has never pulled his gun in the line of duty has just one more day until retirement. He has been having dreams that the day will end in gunfire and then he gets word that a dangerous escaped con has been spotted in the neighborhood. Will he make it through just one more day without having to draw his gun? This episode is a straight suspense story with a nice performance by well-known character actor and folk singer Bikel. Genre: Suspense

Victor Greene

On his last day on the beat, an old cop has premonitions of his own death in a shoot-out.


A beat cop nearing retirement deals with a recurring nightmare with two different endings: one good, one bad. Having never had to draw his service revolver in his entire career, he is nervous about his last day work in light of the dream, but he sticks to his routine…

Mr. Hastings

A policeman has an uneasy feeling on his last day on the beat before retirement. Despite this, and suggestions from those around him to take the day off, he is determined to earn his 'retirement fair and square.' The premonition of harm he has been able to shake off every day of his career remains and is deeper set than ever before.


This will be a fun episode to listen to in the sunshine!


A good episode that you really don't know how it will end. I did like how we find out that the "kid" really did respect the neighborhood policeman, but just didn't want to show it.


Theodore Bikel shares a family oriented performance here. Mr Bikel is one of my favorite cbsrmt thespians.


Great episode. Unfortunately, Theodore Bikel died in July 2015 at age 91.  I would have enjoyed hearing him in more episodes, for sure. As always, the regulars were all top-notch, but it's tough for Jackson Beck to play more than one character because his voice is so distinctive.

Dan in South Jersey

Great episode! I love how the ending was handled.


I rate this episode ★★★★★ for EXCELLENT. I see this as one of Sam Dann’s greatest suspenseful stories in CBSRMT history. It’s equivalent to another suspenseful story of his (Ep. #0921-THE GREY SLAPPER). In this cop-drama story, it’s very tempting. Pure appetizing to the human mind, because you don’t know what to expect next. You’d be guessing every minute. And I guessed right that the story ended on a happy note. The title is perfect for a suspense story. Another way to title this, would be “The Final Day” or even better “The Day Of The Gun.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall starts it off with the topic of guns. In ACT-1, we meet our main character: Officer Edward Mason and after 27 years on the job, will he use his gun in the line of duty? In ACT-2, quoting William Ernest Henley from his “Invictus” poem. As the day feels longer for our main character, we’re left with 3 possibilities on how this will end. In ACT-3, there are 2 hours left for our main chapter and 2 possible ways his dream will come true. In the end, with a satisfying climax, the cop gets a modest request for “Just One More Day.” In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall concludes with this: "Don’t take your days for granted. They shape the meaning of our existence. Ask for just one more day of whatever it takes to make you happy.” One of the best narrations he gave us. Sound effects of phone book pages, dialing rotary phone, background noise at the police station, trigger the revolver, street traffic noise, pat down/frisking, bell dinging, doors, footsteps, ice cream spooning, classical music in the background, drawer opening, car tires screech, and gun fire were super beneficial. And the music, with the dramatic and suspenseful tunes, fit perfectly to this kind of mystery. Now to conclude with our cast: Theodore Bikel (as Edward Francis Mason), Evie Juster (as Myra Mason and Mom Feldman), Jackson Beck (as Frank and Jesco), Ken Harvey (as Jackie Mad Dog Lucas and Jimmy D’Angelo), and Jack Grimes (as Tommy). These 5 were outstanding in their performances. But the one who stole the show was Theodore Bikel! It’s a shame that this is the only CBSRMT episode he ever did, but his performance in this was unforgettable. I highly recommend tuning in to this story, for it defines “Suspense.” Until next time…pleasant dreams


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