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Bullet Proof


Rocky Stark is put in prison for the murder of hoodlum Johnny Mallory.But he is innocent and his gun was kept with him at all times. But the real murderer is soon found dead with Rocky's gun doing him in and he must now find a way to escape execution. His faithful wife sets out to probe the case herself.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 24, 1975
  • Repeat - August 2, 1975
  • Repeat - September 12, 1980





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9 Responses to Episode 0262

One of my favorite episodes this one, "Bullet Proof" from 1975. One of the reasons I dig this show so much is that it has a certain "cheesieness" that I find in it. 1. Mason Adams as a rough and tough guy?... Ummm, yeah... 2. Out dated (even then) quotes like, "that two-bit coffee & crullers punk..." 3. Unbelievable locale names like, "Warehouse Point" While I enjoy these shows.... I also like to laugh. Anyone else catch themselves in a giggle while listening?




I guess I wasn't listening as closely as Mel was on this one as I didn't catch the humor (I usually do). However, I did like the story and the conclusion - I had figured out the plot device about the bullets, but not the powder. CBS had Mason Adams play a "tough guy" in several episodes, but I agree that if you saw him (or his picture) you wouldn't think of him in such a role (at least on screen). Overall it was an enjoyable episode for me.


I agree! Figured out the basic solution pretty quickly. I also enjoyed the gangster cheesiness.


Nice mystery, but factually off. Black powder makes a LOT of fouling, an automatic pistol isn't going to be test/practice fired with it and be expected to keep operating past a few shots. Depending on the pistol it might get as much as 12, but it would require a LOT of cleaning. The old black powder revolvers, '51 Navy, '60 Army, etc, that were designed with Black Powder in mind could be counted on for 12 shots before the fouling made them inoperable. Those revolvers had a LOT less parts to be affected this way. I honestly expected the deformation to be the key clue. I'm not an expert, but it seems to me that a round hitting the back of a practice range is going to deform differently that one hitting a human body, even if it's through another object like a car seat.

Bruce Whitten

Loved it! Had it figured out,but wasn't sure till the end.You never know with mystery theater!! Great episode!


I had an idea of the ending when they talked about the practice range . You get a couple of spent bullets and use them at the murder scene . But here is the real problem - how could you shoot a man twice in the head and be sure the bullets would pass thru and lodge in the car seat , where they could be replaced by Rocky's spent bullets from the practice range ? That would be pure luck or pure chance or the shooter was an anatomical expert !


Good points.


“Low slung…rakish….living free……living free………………living free……”


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