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Through the Looking Glass


A mysterious couple move into a flat next door to Kathy and Doug Sellars. Problems start when the husband, who turns out to be a scientist and inventor offers Doug a solar energy machine that can revolutionize the entire planet.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 17, 1975
  • Repeat - July 23, 1975
  • Repeat - September 19, 1980





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25 Responses to Episode 0258

Great story, too bad Sid didn't move next to me. I just can't get mine going.

Randy Mc

This is an awesome episode. Wow, too bad I didn't catch it as a child -it would have set my imagination afire, as so much sci-fi did (& still does) back then. Great story that holds up very well today.


One of my favorites thus far.


Great story, but its hard to believe someone could worry about what solar cars might do to hurt the poor old Arabs. Imagine a world where middle east psychos were broke again. Israel could get by without us, offshore drilling would be a non-issue, food would be cheaper and travel even better.

Roger Huggett Jr.

Another solid Sci-fi episode by Fielden Farrington. Along with Percy Granger and Bob Juhren, they wrote some fine CBSRMT episodes.


Kathy and Doug Sellars soon learn that the odd couple that have moved in next door are harboring a strange secret that could very well change the future of the planet. This episode is both mystery and science-fiction and unfolds nicely. It also doubles as a cautionary tale about how we treat this planet that we call "home." Genre: Science-Fiction

Kathy T.

A strange new couple moves in next door to Kathy and Doug Sellars. Turn's out Doug's new neighbor is quite the inventor. Doug creates a huge moral dilemna when his neighbor offers him an invention that will revolutionize the world.

Rhody Miranda

A strange couple move in next door to an inventor and his wife and invite them for a visit one evening. There the strange man tells them he himself is an inventor and shows the neighbour a solar powered engine that could power a small city, right there in his basement. After seeing the math and plans for it, the strange man offers to give the entire thing to his neighbour. In disbelief he tells his boss of the plans and the two speculate on the impact this will have on the world economy. The boss says not to worry, that the oil companies will buy it out and suppress the technology so things will remain the same. Who is this brilliant inventor, what does he have to gain by giving away the technology?


I enjoy most of the episodes, but I especially enjoyed this one. Great twist at the end.

Joseph Morabito

A nice episode, with a time traveling neighbors plot similar to the 1951 short story by Jack Finney, Such Interesting Neighbors.

Scott Kuzma

Couldn't believe "Doug" would trust his overbearing and greedy boss with the knowledge of such an incredible invention. Then... It's amazing how some CBSRMT episodes are more than entertainment. They are also visionary and though provoking. This episode is one of those.

Vicky Hernandez

A fun optimistic, futuristic episode.


Great episode! Seems to be a bit of reality foreshadowing .......

Scooter D

The episode was about a couple which lived in a sunny suburban estate in America. I think they were time travellers or 'other-world-lies' and they had a mirror (I think) in which they went back to they're time/world at the end of the episode.


Another interesting listen, although a somewhat paradoxical ending - if the future changed the past, then the future has changed and the "mirror" would no longer be there. Time travel can be confusing, just ask Doctor Who.


Top-notch episode here. Maybe the best straight-up sci-fi episode of all CBSRMT. Bonus: SUPERB sound quality for once.

Dan Williams

Potentially a good story, but it is ultimately an environmental message. The world needs saving because Man have destroyed it. Old message and even older motive. I just don't happen to agree. Al Gore would like it if that is any indication.

Todd Smith

Enjoyed the concept. ''Mostly' well acted. Unfortunately the cartoonish 'boss' was so cliche that the role destructed from the thought provoking plot.

Tom aaron

This was probably one of the best SOUNDING episodes I've ever heard. Why does it sound so good? It sounds like it's from a master tape or an FM broadcast or something.

Bill S

I'm with you, Roger. It's not a bad episode, except for the over-the-top boss.


My girlfriend and I always listen to CBSRMT at bedtime. We loved this one particular show and had listened to it countless times so it's odd.. It's about a guy who gets new neighbors who are from the future and the man invents a box that provides clean power. The future they come from is barren and desolate due to humans destroying the planet. They leave present day earth through their television screen and go back to the future where everything is all ok because of their invention.


Excellent stuff. Very enjoyable even though it's not very believable the way the episode is laid out.

Tom Mcgrattan

The actor who played the alien character was in the greatest radio play I've ever heard was on dimension x called time and again. Time travel episode.

Tom Mcgrattan

Enjoyable sci-fi episode


Sad that in 2000 years misogyny still rules. Men work, make decisions, invent, run things, and are central actors. Women keep house and gossip.


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