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My Own Murderer


Joe Vinacelli is obsessed with murdering Joe Vincent. The latter goes into therapy to seek help as we slowly understand that the pursuer and the pursued are the same individual. But things get creepy when Vincent gives both his therapist and himself - the slip.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 15, 1975
  • Repeat - July 20, 1975





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6 Responses to Episode 0257

Joe Vinacelli is trying to kill Joe Vincent. Problem is, the are the same person. Joe Vincent turns to a psychiatrist and a detective to stop him from pursuing himself. Problems start when Vinacelli gives them the slip.

Paul Les Patola

When a Wall Street businessman finds himself waking up in cheap hotels with a hangover and death/suicide notes written on the mirror, he believes he is going crazy as he has no memory of the events leading up to that point. Upon immigrating to America, he changed his name and took up many different trades finally working himself through school to become a successful Wall Street mogul. His psychiatrist suggests hiring a detective to follow him on one of his blackouts, some of which lasted for days, to see what is happening, and also to protect him from harm.


A very intense episode. I really enjoyed the flow and style of the show and plot. Good ending. Not predictable. This is a show worth listening to.


A good episode that I wasn't able to predict the ending or motivation. Very enjoyable.


Great episode, Mandel did a great job.


I really enjoyed this episode. A good storyline, and not predictable.


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